Wednesday, 8 August 2012

dare. dream. live.

25 by 25

I have always enjoyed making lists. I like having order in my life and a plan set out for that day or week. I think one reason I like making lists so much is because I have the worst memory ever.... tell me something and 5 minutes from now I will probably forget. Anyways, I made this list one day when I was really pondering the future and wanted to make a list of things I want to accomplish by the age of 25...

1. Graduate from university 
2. Buy my 1st home - hopefully an old fixer upper 
3. Use my creativity more - crafting, gardening, cooking, etc.
4. Pay off a huge chunk of student debt
5. Run a 5k
6. Work out regularly and lead a healthier, cleaner life
7. Do more in the winter months ( in Canada, winter lasts between 6-8 months)
8. Go on at least a one week vacation
9. Get engaged/married!
10. Grow my own veggie/fruit/herb garden
11. Make all homemade gifts for Christmas one year
12. Scrapbook my life and all my adventures
14. Write more hand written letters/cards
15. Use social media and technology less
16. Live an eco-friendly lifestyle (cleaning, eating, living)
17. Step outside my comfort zone more often- I really hate being bad at things, so I just stick with what I know... but no more!
18. Learn to crotchet
19. Go on a spontaneous road trip
20. Go rock climbing 
21. volunteer my time as much as possible
22. Get into the best shape of my life (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially)
23. Get a tattoo!
24. Spend more time outside enjoying nature
25. Buy a nice camera and document all my adventures!

I think this is a pretty substantial list of accomplishments, but I know I can do all of them if I choose to dare, dream, and live. At the age of 19 (almost 20), I still have lots of time to start checking items off this list. Life doesn't last forever and so often people waste their time with hatred, anger, annoyance, or laziness... now is my time to get my butt in gear and start living my life to the fullest! Once I complete these, I will be checking them off... so I know where I stand.

Now I am off to dare. dream. live. :)  


  1. I love this, Kerri! Those are incredible things to want to accomplish, and they're really not impossible either! Most of the things on the list are things I want to accomplish in the next 5 years as well so, along with inspiring yourself to get into gear, it's inspiring me to do the same! Well said. :)

  2. A good bucket list :) Some of these things terrify me just by reading them....skydiving?! Pretty sure I would pass out as soon as I left the plane, (if not before) but DO let me know when you are and I will come and watch :D


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