Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Things that make me happy

Today, I just thought I would share a few things that make me happy! :)

1. Bubble baths
Personally, there is nothing more relaxing to me than a bubble bath. Add in some wine, candles, and a good book and I could spend a good chunk of my day in the bath tub!

2. Reading
I mentioned this in number 1 but I love reading. When I was younger, I used to despise reading even though my whole family loves to read. Eventually one day I decided to give it a try (reading for fun) and ever since I love reading! There is nothing better than getting lost in a book.
I'm loving my kobo that Brandon bought me for Christmas!

This is what I'm currently reading. I love all her books!
3.Things that are handmade or thrifted
Ever since I graduated high school, I have become addicted to thrift shops, garage sales, and handmade/fair trade products. It might be because I am a poor student and really have no extra funds for things such as clothes or books... so I much prefer to get these items for CHEAP! Nothing makes me happier than a good deal or bargain.

4. Animals
Growing up, we always had pets (dogs, cats, and a rabbit) so I quickly learned how special a connection can be with animals. Animals don't judge you or hurt you, they simply just love you unconditionally. They give kisses, cuddles, and plenty of laughter.

5. TV Shows
I have mentioned before how I am unable to watch a whole movie without sleeping, so tv shows are much easier for me to watch. Some of my favourites include: One Tree Hill, Heartland, Hart of Dixie, The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, Property Brothers, Love it or List it, The Ellen Show, The Voice, The Next Great Baker, etc.

6. Candles
I love having candles going all the time! I have to be careful though because the stronger scents give me a really bad headache.

My favourite, it smells so delicious without being too strong.
7. Owls & Elephants
Anybody that knows me well, will know that I am in love with both of these animals. I have WAY too many items with these items on them. Off the top of my head, I have more then 10 owl necklaces, an owl cookie jar, an owl bird feeder, 5+ owl figurines, 5+ owl rings, etc. Do you get the point? I am a little obsessed!

8. Brandon
He really is the love of my life. Even though some days he drives me crazy, he really does mean everything to me. We're best friends and he's always thinking about me and finding cute little ways to show it. He'll randomly buy me little gifts to remind me he cares or he'll make me a snack when I'm busy studying, he's such a sweetheart!

9. Working out
That feeling I get after I work out is one of pure accomplishment and happiness. I always feel proud of myself for getting through it and I always have a lot more energy afterwards! It makes me happy and I need to remember that when I fall off track.

10. Family
My family is very special to me and they each hold a very dear spot in my heart. My sisters are like my best friends and my parents are always there supporting me and loving me. We really are a close knit family and I LOVE nights that we spend together having drinks, visiting, playing games, and just being together!

Steph, Me, Ash, & Mom
Me (with blonde hair), Steph, & Ash

My dad's family (my dad is laying in the front)
 I just thought this was an appropriate post for me this week because it's always nice to remember how many things you have in life that make you happy. Lately I have been feeling so stressed out and anxious (mostly about school) but life is short and it's important to do fun, relaxing, and enjoyable things everyday. Life really isn't so bad!

Monday, 28 January 2013

There really is no place like home.


Last week, I started to really feel overwhelmed with school and the stress was getting to me. In fact, I have a scalp infection (I know, yuck) again because of too much stress, so I was relieved to spend the weekend at home with my parents and my sweet little pets. It was exactly what I needed. I went on long walks with Missy, had delicious food, drank some margarita slush with my mom, relaxed with my parents, and saw both my grandmas. It was exactly what I needed to unwind and put everything back in to perspective.

I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of this semester now. I know it will be tough and I know I will get stressed and overwhelmed again but I have to learn to take it all in stride. I need to remember to relax, breathe, and do things that i enjoy everyday. So here's to another successful and productive week/month (February is just around the corner)!

Owl cookie jar my momma bought me. I'm in love! :)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Fit Friday #2

TGIF! This week did a good job of showing me just how stressful the next couple of months will be for me. I discovered I have a total of 13 papers to write this semester, alongside group projects, tests, and exams... I will be so thankful when April 18th arrives. Then I only have a few more classes to take next fall before I can get my Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Kinesiology, all the stress will be worth it once that day arrives!

Okay, now on to talking about my workouts/recipes of the past week. Let me just say, I am very proud that I have been consistently working out 6 days per week for 2.5 weeks now... that's a huge accomplishment for me. I am feeling great and I have a lot more energy now to get through my days. I also find myself looking forward to working out, so I hope I can keep it up.

This week, I added in some more Pinterest workouts such as:

 I am also really enjoying Biggest Loser workouts such as Calorie Knockout and At-Home Challenge. As well, I picked up 2 new Jillian Michael's workouts at Walmart last Friday. One cost me $5 and the other was $7, so that is proof right there that getting in shape doesn't have to cost a fortune. I recommend finding a type of exercise you enjoy, for example I really enjoy cross fit, kickboxing, and walking workouts and then find a way to add variety. For me this means that one day I will do a couple pinterest workouts and the next day I will choose one of my workout dvds. As well, there are lots of free workouts on YouTube or the Internet in general. Check into them!

Now for one of my favourite healthy recipes: 


3-4 peppers to stuff (colour is your choice, I like using red)
4-6 Sausages 
1 cup quinoa
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1 pepper for filling
2 stalks celery
1 tomato
1 onion
8-10 mushrooms
2 gloves garlic
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp no-salt seasoning
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp dill

1. Cook quinoa. You need double as much water as you have quinoa, so therefore 2 cups water. You mix quinoa and water and bring to boil, once it's boiling, turn it down to medium heat and allow to cook for 15-20 minutes or until the water is gone.
 2. Cook sausages. I took them out of their casing and cooked in medium heat until brown. I then added in the garlic cloves, pepper(for filling), celery, onion, mushrooms, and all the spices. Allow to cook for 10 or so more minutes.
* Note: you can use any vegetables you wish to or that you think would be good in them. Same goes for the spices, feel free to add in whatever tastes you like... for example, add cayenne if you like spicy.
3. While your sausage/veggie mixture is cooking, cut your peppers in half and remove their seeds.
4. Take your sausage/veggie mix and add it to the cooked quinoa. Then take the combined mixture and stuff it into your halved peppers.
5. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Top with cheese (of choice) and cook for 5 more minutes.

Dig in & enjoy! :)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Facts of Me

I thought I would participate in a fun little link up today over at I wore yoga pants to work and share some fun little facts and tidbits about me and my life that you may not know...

FACT- I am really not a huge fan of drinking pop, unless it's flat!

FACT- I always have to sleep on the same side of the bed, preferably the one farthest away from the door... let's just say I am still scared of the boogeyman!

FACT- I always promise myself that I will quit watching The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/The Bachelor Pad after a season is over... but for some reason I just can't help myself. I know it's ridiculous and that the relationships rarely work out but I can't help myself.

That's the reason I keep watching. just kidding.
FACT- I love healthy food.  I actually prefer whole grains to white bread/pasta/rice and I love all fruits and vegetables however I am still overweight. However I forgot to mention that I love chocolate and chips just as much as I like fruits and veggies ;)

FACT- I am 6 feet and 1 inches tall and proud of it! I used to resent the fact that I am tall but now I embrace it and love it. I mean on this frame, I can gain 5 pounds and nobody even notices!

FACT- I hate when people leave old dish water in the sink, especially when there is gross scummy matter swimming around. I refuse to put my hand in the water and always make Brandon do that dirty job! ;)

FACT- I never used to like wine, in fact I despised it. However, now I am liking certain red and white wines and it's rather shocking to me and my family.

My favourite red wine!
FACT- I much prefer a night spent at home in my pjs, watching movies, cuddling, and eating snacks to going out to a bar/club. Just call me grandma!

FACT- I have horrendous road rage, like screaming, honking, flipping the bird road rage.

FACT- I HATE mascots or anything in costume/disguise. One time when I was just a wee little one, my family and I went to a Wheatie's game. That stupid mascot put my moms head in his mouth and I started screaming bloody murder and crying... ever since I can't handle it. Clowns especially!

FACT- I hate filling ice cub trays. Such a pain in my butt!

FACT- I have always wanted to have my own horse and now that I can no longer bug daddy about it, I will buy myself one... someday! I will also live on an acreage/farm one day.

This is my home. I could definitely live in a house like it when I grow up too!
 FACT- The worst part of the day for me, is getting out of bed. I have gotten in to a bad habit of pushing snooze anywhere from 2-10 times... somehow I am never late though!

FACT- I have never read the Harry Potter books and probably never will. I don't understand the fascination.

FACT- I am addicted to our keurig. I would be happy never buying coffee out again quite frankly.
FACT- I ALWAYS fall asleep when I try to watch a movie, whether it be in theaters or at home. I blame this on my mom who resorted to putting in Robin Hood in order to get my to nap when I was a child.

I now find this movie creepy when I watch it.

Now it's your turn. Tell me some fun or strange facts about yourself :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fit Friday #1

This blog is like my personal journal and journals usually document many important aspects of someone's life. Since I am hoping to make fitness and health a bigger part of my life this year, I thought it would be appropriate to document my journey along the way. Therefore, welcome to my first "Fit Friday" post. I am hoping to use Fridays to post about new healthy recipes/snacks, interesting workouts, goals I have reached a long the way, and other ways in which I am working towards this healthy lifestyle. I hope these posts can also inspire those reading and give them new exciting ideas to help them in their journeys. I was contemplating putting up before pictures as well as my current weight and measurements and then seeing my visual progress but I haven't had enough courage yet (also I don't own a scale). However, I may choose to do this yet but I'm not sure.

I have been working out solidly now for 2 weeks. This means that I have worked out 6 days/week and had 1 rest day per week in order to let my body have the rest it needs.

My workouts have included: The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michael's, and Leslie Sansone DVD's along with some workouts from pinterest, my own weighted workouts, and some Body Rock. Body Rock is something that I started with Sarah last year when we both wanted to slim down and tone up and it's basically a website with tons of different workouts, challenges, diet tips, etc. All their workouts are around 12 minutes long, so no excuses to skip ;)

I realize now that some of these images are a little hard to see but if you're interested in trying any of these workouts, then you can follow me on Pinterest (click and it'll take you to my page). 

On the first few days, I honestly thought I was going to puke or faint because I was that out of shape but now it is starting to feel really good. Now I am even noticing that my body is craving the movement and the sweat session (good sign I would say). I just hope I can keep up with doing it consistently!

In my diet I just focus my meals and snacks around fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods. I also don't drink sugary beverages ie. juice and pop (other than with alcohol ;) ) because I don't enjoy it. As well, remember to drink lots of water, tea, and milk :)

Check back in next Friday for more fitness related jibberish. Possibly even some new recipes :)

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


 Today I am linking up with Life After I Dew
So what if:
  • I am only half way through this week without Brandon and I already miss him so much. To be honest, he left on Sunday and I was already missing him by Monday. Can't wait for next Monday!
  • I sleep horribly when I'm home alone. I have never liked being alone at night and this fear has only gotten worse over the years, I like the comfort of knowing someone else is home!
  • It is only the 2nd week back to classes and I am already unmotivated and totally not in the "school mode". 
  • I am relying on coffee to get me through this week! It is hard to haul my butt out of bed after getting little to no sleep.
  • I haven't done dishes in 3 days. This is one of the joys of being by myself for a week, nobody cares!
  • I am dreading this weekend. I know, it seems silly but I have no plans and I will be lonely! However, I plan to cheer myself up with a little bit of shopping and baking :)
  • I feel a little resentful of Brandon every time he skypes me. It is not cool to see him sitting on the beach in +30 degree weather drinking mojitos while I am stuck in Winnipeg with -30 degree all alone :(
Reading back through my "so what's", they all seem to be rather depressing but rest assured I am doing things to cheer myself up daily while Brandon is gone.These things include taking bubble baths, drinking wine, listening to music, watching my favourite t.v shows, talking/texting with my friends & family and working out! :)

Check back in Friday for a post called "Fit Fridays". Happy hump day :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


" I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. " Nelson Mandela

Today in my Leadership in Sport class, my professor was talking about characteristics of great leaders and how those individuals that are great leaders choose not to let fear interfere in their lives. While he continued on talking about fear and quoting great leaders, it was like something in my brain just clicked and immediately the words he was saying sunk deep within my mind and my heart.

It was one of those moments that really hit home for me and I feel like it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I am an extremely ambitious person, I love making goals for myself and then following the appropriate steps to complete them but somewhere over the last year or two, I have stopped trying so hard. I mean in the past, I have achieved some pretty great feats. For example, going in to my grade 9 year of school I decided I wanted to lose weight and get healthy (I was sick of being the "fat girl"), so I did exactly that. I lost 40+ pounds over about a year or so and all of my classmates were completely shocked when I went back to school that fall. I also decided to try out for my rugby team in high school, not only did I make the team but I played for 4 years and got asked to play on the Provincial team. Rugby turned in to one of my greatest passions but what if I let fear get the best of me? I never would of learned to love the game. This just shows that having high hopes for myself and actually following through can take you to great places and help you grow as a person. However, somewhere along the way I have stopped setting goals for myself and I stopped believing in myself.

I feel like 2013 is a brand new start for me. Lately, I am craving something to work towards. I am craving structure, goals, and new beginnings. I want 2013 to be a great year for me and I want to stop letting fear get the best of me. I know how powerful I can be when I set my mind to something and I know that if I work through the fear, I can "find" myself again. There are always thoughts and worries weighing me down such as "what if I don't get accepted in to physiotherapy on my first try?" or "what if I keep putting my health/fitness last on my list of responsibilities?" or "what if I keep letting your temper get the best of me?" or "what if my health problems are never resolved?". I realize now that it is okay to be fearful and it is okay to be worried about not living up to your expectations but you never know if it is possible unless you try. Unless you make goals and strive towards them and do your very best with what you have at that time. 

I will leave you with something my professor said today in class. He said "Fear is inevitable and it is terrifying but you have to face it and break through those barriers. I promise that facing your fears will help you feel liberated".

How profound eh? I am vowing to push my limits and break through those boundaries I place in the way of achieving goals. 2013 is my year after all!


Monday, 14 January 2013

Sweet Miss Maggie

The story of our "little baby".

Back in 2011, Brandon kept mentioning that he really wanted to get a pet. We talked about it for quite awhile and realized that dogs are a bit too high maintenance for us at this point in our lives. We then discussed the idea of getting a cat. After talking it through, in September of 2011 we decided to make a trip to the Humane Society in the city and see if we could give one of those sweet cats a loving home. 

Sarah, Brandon, and I went to the Humane Society one day and there was a "deal" happening because they had way too many cats in their care at the time. Essentially we could walk out that day with any cat over the age of 6 months for $10. We walked through the many different rooms and looked at their many cats and we felt like maybe we wouldn't be leaving without a cat that day, none of them really felt right or they were too old, etc. That was until I peered in to the window of one of the rooms and there was a really cute, fluffy cat sleeping in a bed on the window sill. I called Brandon over and pointed this cat out to him but at first he wasn't sold. I then asked to go into the room because I felt like I needed to meet her... something called me to her. 

Needless to say, I fell in love and I convinced Brandon that she was the one. When we first adopted her, her name was "Aggie"... awful name eh?. Since then we just added a "m" on to her name and we call her Maggie. I am so thankful that she caught my eye because she really has turned into our little baby. I mean she's caused us some problems over the past year, such as her never ending worm problem, her scratching of furniture, and her general skittish/timid nature. You see, she was a stray before she was brought to the Humane Society and it is likely that she encountered many harmful people and other animals (ie. big dogs, mean cats, etc). She really has progressed by leaps and bounds but for some reason is still much more fearful of Brandon, then she is of me.

It is amazing to see her progress from being EXTREMELY scared/timid when she first arrived in our home to now being a very cuddly/sweet/clingy/loving cat. I mean she still has moments but overall she can't get enough loving and cuddles. She likes to sit on my shoulders when I'm on my computer, she cuddles us in bed (usually on our pillows), and she also enjoys coming into the bathroom with me (it really is like having a kid around!) and I couldn't love her anymore then I do already. My family also loves her and my mom and dad call her their "grandkitty" and my sisters are her "aunties". My mom always jokes that she is scared to see how I'll be when I have kids because I am very overprotective and constantly worrying about her. All I can say is that, I hope I'm not like that as a mother but it's hard to say ;). Overall, it was the best decision Brandon and I have made together. I love my sweet miss Maggie to the moon and back and she fits perfectly into our nice little family.

Now here are some pictures of her, soak in the cuteness :)

When we first got her, she looks so skinny here!
Grandma & Maggie!
Woke up to her peering down at me one morning :)
Cuddling with cleo, they do this ALL DAY LONG
She is my study buddy!
Mags & I when we first got her
She likes to sit on my computer while I'm trying to work
Pure sweetness.
So sweet!
She is the best "present" ever!
Always sitting up by my shoulders!
Cozy & warm. Spoiled brat!
 Sorry that some of these pictures were a bit fuzzy/unfocused but they mostly came from my blackberry. I really do encourage people who are looking for a pet, to visit their local shelters or Humane Societies first because it is truly rewarding to give an animal a loving home and see them progress and grow up.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Friday, thank god you are here. I am so thankful to be done class at 10:20 on Fridays so I can start my weekend sooner! 
Dear school, I was ready to get back to you this week and I am also very excited to have some new, challenging courses on my plate this semester. Religion and Pop Culture and Intro to Literature... both have really interesting books on the agenda.

 Dear Brandon, I know it's selfish but I am really dreading you leaving on Sunday for a week in Mexico. I just know that I'll miss you and I won't enjoy being alone for a week! Although, I know you'll have a blast :)
Dear snow storm, I am not excited about you. It is so cold, windy, and snowy outside and I find you highly unnecessary.
Dear Mamoo (mom), I am excited for you to move back to your old job location. I am hoping you will start to enjoy work much more again! Also, I am proud of you for taking on new opportunities in order to make yourself happy :)
Dear body, I know you are in shock right now but I promise you'll make it through. I hope to continue working out consistently, so you better adjust quickly ;)
Dear weekend, I hope for a few days full of relaxation, working out, starting on school work, reading, hanging with Brandon as much as possible before he leaves, and cuddling my sweet Maggie.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


loving: I am currently loving nights full of cuddles, tea, chocolate & new seasons of my favourite t.v shows! I am also loving the fresh start that 2013 is providing me :)
watching: shows I am liking lately include: The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, Mobbed, Hart of Dixie, and Heartland. My sister suggested I watch Sons of Anarchy and New Girl, so I will be checking them out too!
wishing:  that my body quickly heals itself because I am frankly quite sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am also hoping that once my illness subsides, that I will begin to feel more motivated and eager to begin exercising again.
eating: seashell chocolates and Reese peanut butter sticks. Wow, I am already failing at my resolutions for 2013... but chocolate is so delicious!
reading: just finished reading The Castaways by Elin Hildebrand. Next, I am hoping to use my kobo and read my newest Jodi Picoult book :)
looking forward to: getting over this awful sickness, getting back in to a routine, seeing my sister in February after 5 months & heading home for reading week (I know I know, it's still the first week back to school).

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Fresh Start.

2012 has come and gone and to be quite honest, it had many ups and downs for me. To be honest, 2012 consisted of a lot of struggles for me. Struggles with my health, with University, in my relationships, and struggles with my self esteem. I am vowing to make 2013 a year of progress and of happiness. I have a feeling that there are a lot of great things in store for me this year and I can't wait to experience this year in a whole new way. Instead of making "resolutions" which so often fail after a week or two, I am going to write down a list of goals for me to work away at throughout this year.

Goals for 2013:
  • To learn to control my temper. To step back and choose my words and actions carefully before doing or saying things I will later regret. This is important for my mental health and for helping me maintain healthy relationships with those around me.
  • To relearn my love for health and fitness. I have always been interested in health eating, exercising, and doing things to improve my overall well-being but I have definitely fallen off of my healthy lifestyle. This means starting to workout again because I know once I do it for a few weeks, I will fall in love with the feeling it gives me all over again. As well as for eating healthy, I need to train my body to crave healthy, nutritious foods instead of what I've been eating for the past couple years.
  • To take time away from my computer, the internet, and social media everyday. This will help me to learn how to relax and reconnect with my needs. Whether I am using this time to exercise, cook, read, have a bath, clean, go for a walk, meditate, practice yoga, write in my journal, etc. This time will help me slow down and get away from the fast paced life.
  • To be more intentional in my relationships. With my parents, my siblings, my boyfriend, my close friends, old friends, random people at school or on the bus, etc. I want this year to be full of intention and I am vowing to make the time I spend with them valuable and I want to strive to bring happiness to those people around me.
  • To pay more attention to my finances. This is a hard one considering I am living off of student loans but I have a lot of anxiety about money and I think this anxiety would reside if I kept better track of where I was spending my money. This simply means I need to write down everything I am spending money on & possibly make a budget. 

Like I said, I have a feeling that 2013 has many great things in store for me and I cannot wait to ride through this journey. I am excited for my sister to get home from Europe in February (5 months without her is too long), I am excited to get back into shape and love myself again, I am excited to finish my degree and apply for physiotherapy, and I am excited to move and start a new chapter in life with Brandon.

 Life is soooo good!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Home for the Holidays 2012

For the past 2 weeks or so, I have been MIA in the blog world due to very slow internet access at my farm. I was okay with no having great access to internet because it allowed me to enjoy quality time with my family and also left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I didn't check Facebook, Pinterest, or my blog very often and it was a much needed break from technology!

I arrived home on December 19th and my sister Stephanie arrived home on December 20th, so those few days before Christmas were reserved for making chocolates, wrapping presents, and listening to Christmas music. On Christmas Eve, I headed to my Aunty Heathers to celebrate my little cousin Annalyn's 5th birthday and enjoyed some appetizers. Then I went to Brandon's grandparents to open some presents and visit with them! On Christmas Day, I awoke around 7:15 because I slept on the couch and didn't sleep very well. Everyone else was up around 8 and we made some coffee and waffles! It has always been a tradition to eat breakfast before opening presents, ever since I was a kid. We then received a call from my Aunt and Uncle in Atlanta, so presents got pushed back a little. We had made plans to skype with my sister who is in Europe at 11 a.m. our time and after much hassle we finally got to see/talk to her for a little while! Christmas really wasn't the same without my big sis around but I know she is enjoying her travels. The rest of Christmas day I was at Brandon's house for more food, presents, and games. Presents this year included: a Kobo, new shirt (dad picked out, gasp!), knit headwrap, bath salts, body spray, books, movie, spending cash, gift cards, T swift c.d, owl lamp, infinity scarf, nail polish, starbucks travel mug, lush body products, wine, etc. I was so spoiled!!!

Missy with her stocking!
Missy just wanting some lovin' - no surprise there.
Grandma, Mom & Dad opening their stockings.
Mom's Christmas flower arrangement from my grandma.

Boxing day = my mom's family all at our house. It was close to 30 people in our house and it was very chaotic... but I should be used to that by now.

Me & my cousin Maddy.
Stephanie sporting a funky hair clip ;)
My dad and my cousin Scarlett.
Megan & Madison.
My goofy momma & little cousin Annalyn.
Family & presents galore!
Sweet miss Jessica; she soaked in each & every present!
My mom, Aunt Kathryn & Aunty Heather.
December 27th = my dad's family Christmas at the Clanwilliam Hall. We started off the day with sleigh rides at 3 p.m., then we played games, had drinks, and ate tons of food all over again. It was also a "tasteless and tacky" Christmas theme and some of the costumes were priceless!

Beautiful Clydesdales.
Richard, Steph, Same & Amanda
Uncle Doug, Dylan, Bryden, Liam, Grandma & Aunty Kathy.
Devon & Dad.
Laughs were had!
Clanwilliam General Store
Beautiful view of Clanwilliam
Snowy tree.
Clanwilliam grain elevator.

My favourite picture by far!
Many bingo games were played. It's a Cook tradition!

Same & Amanda!
Uncle Ken & Nicole.

Tasteless & Tacky to the max!
Aunty Barb playing mini sticks
A small group shot of our lovely outfits ;)
The next few days, I enjoyed lounging around the house, spending more time with family and enjoying the down time. On New Years Eve (which is also Cathy's birthday- Brandon's mom), we hung out at Brandon's house with Sarah and his parents. We had yummy appetizers, played sequence and mexican train, and enjoyed many laughs. It was the perfect way to start 2013!

January 1st, we celebrated my sister Stephanie's birthday which is actually today. Both my grandmas came out to the farm as well as her boyfriend, his parents, and his grandparents. We had a pulled pork supper, angel food cake, and a good visit. I am officially back in the city and am enjoying these last few days of my break before school begins. I am excited for a fresh start in 2013, in the next couple days I will be talking about my 2013 goals! :)