Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Fresh Start.

2012 has come and gone and to be quite honest, it had many ups and downs for me. To be honest, 2012 consisted of a lot of struggles for me. Struggles with my health, with University, in my relationships, and struggles with my self esteem. I am vowing to make 2013 a year of progress and of happiness. I have a feeling that there are a lot of great things in store for me this year and I can't wait to experience this year in a whole new way. Instead of making "resolutions" which so often fail after a week or two, I am going to write down a list of goals for me to work away at throughout this year.

Goals for 2013:
  • To learn to control my temper. To step back and choose my words and actions carefully before doing or saying things I will later regret. This is important for my mental health and for helping me maintain healthy relationships with those around me.
  • To relearn my love for health and fitness. I have always been interested in health eating, exercising, and doing things to improve my overall well-being but I have definitely fallen off of my healthy lifestyle. This means starting to workout again because I know once I do it for a few weeks, I will fall in love with the feeling it gives me all over again. As well as for eating healthy, I need to train my body to crave healthy, nutritious foods instead of what I've been eating for the past couple years.
  • To take time away from my computer, the internet, and social media everyday. This will help me to learn how to relax and reconnect with my needs. Whether I am using this time to exercise, cook, read, have a bath, clean, go for a walk, meditate, practice yoga, write in my journal, etc. This time will help me slow down and get away from the fast paced life.
  • To be more intentional in my relationships. With my parents, my siblings, my boyfriend, my close friends, old friends, random people at school or on the bus, etc. I want this year to be full of intention and I am vowing to make the time I spend with them valuable and I want to strive to bring happiness to those people around me.
  • To pay more attention to my finances. This is a hard one considering I am living off of student loans but I have a lot of anxiety about money and I think this anxiety would reside if I kept better track of where I was spending my money. This simply means I need to write down everything I am spending money on & possibly make a budget. 

Like I said, I have a feeling that 2013 has many great things in store for me and I cannot wait to ride through this journey. I am excited for my sister to get home from Europe in February (5 months without her is too long), I am excited to get back into shape and love myself again, I am excited to finish my degree and apply for physiotherapy, and I am excited to move and start a new chapter in life with Brandon.

 Life is soooo good!

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