Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Facts of Me

I thought I would participate in a fun little link up today over at I wore yoga pants to work and share some fun little facts and tidbits about me and my life that you may not know...

FACT- I am really not a huge fan of drinking pop, unless it's flat!

FACT- I always have to sleep on the same side of the bed, preferably the one farthest away from the door... let's just say I am still scared of the boogeyman!

FACT- I always promise myself that I will quit watching The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/The Bachelor Pad after a season is over... but for some reason I just can't help myself. I know it's ridiculous and that the relationships rarely work out but I can't help myself.

That's the reason I keep watching. just kidding.
FACT- I love healthy food.  I actually prefer whole grains to white bread/pasta/rice and I love all fruits and vegetables however I am still overweight. However I forgot to mention that I love chocolate and chips just as much as I like fruits and veggies ;)

FACT- I am 6 feet and 1 inches tall and proud of it! I used to resent the fact that I am tall but now I embrace it and love it. I mean on this frame, I can gain 5 pounds and nobody even notices!

FACT- I hate when people leave old dish water in the sink, especially when there is gross scummy matter swimming around. I refuse to put my hand in the water and always make Brandon do that dirty job! ;)

FACT- I never used to like wine, in fact I despised it. However, now I am liking certain red and white wines and it's rather shocking to me and my family.

My favourite red wine!
FACT- I much prefer a night spent at home in my pjs, watching movies, cuddling, and eating snacks to going out to a bar/club. Just call me grandma!

FACT- I have horrendous road rage, like screaming, honking, flipping the bird road rage.

FACT- I HATE mascots or anything in costume/disguise. One time when I was just a wee little one, my family and I went to a Wheatie's game. That stupid mascot put my moms head in his mouth and I started screaming bloody murder and crying... ever since I can't handle it. Clowns especially!

FACT- I hate filling ice cub trays. Such a pain in my butt!

FACT- I have always wanted to have my own horse and now that I can no longer bug daddy about it, I will buy myself one... someday! I will also live on an acreage/farm one day.

This is my home. I could definitely live in a house like it when I grow up too!
 FACT- The worst part of the day for me, is getting out of bed. I have gotten in to a bad habit of pushing snooze anywhere from 2-10 times... somehow I am never late though!

FACT- I have never read the Harry Potter books and probably never will. I don't understand the fascination.

FACT- I am addicted to our keurig. I would be happy never buying coffee out again quite frankly.
FACT- I ALWAYS fall asleep when I try to watch a movie, whether it be in theaters or at home. I blame this on my mom who resorted to putting in Robin Hood in order to get my to nap when I was a child.

I now find this movie creepy when I watch it.

Now it's your turn. Tell me some fun or strange facts about yourself :)


  1. Hahaha I'm totally the same and with you re. Harry Potter!! BUT I love that version of Robin Hood...sorry! You've now given me an idea for a blog post! I'll try to do one tonight! :)

  2. -I burst out laughing at the picture of the Bachelor. Hahaha. Tooooo funny.
    -I love wholegrain bread over white bread has so much more flavour to it!
    -The dishwater thing...SO me. I get brave and do it, but I have to mentally prepare myself to stick my hand in that sort of water. I do a mental countdown.
    -I'm the exact same way about wine now! I always thought I would hate it forever, but I have started to really develop an appreciation for all different kinds!
    -I'm also the same way about staying home in my PJs and road rage. However, I don't really honk and flip people off...I just yell a lot. Hahaha.
    -Willie (like...the Wheaties mascot) put my head in his mouth just recently. He took my hat. Now, I hide when he comes out.


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