Friday, 11 January 2013

Dear Friday

Dear Friday, thank god you are here. I am so thankful to be done class at 10:20 on Fridays so I can start my weekend sooner! 
Dear school, I was ready to get back to you this week and I am also very excited to have some new, challenging courses on my plate this semester. Religion and Pop Culture and Intro to Literature... both have really interesting books on the agenda.

 Dear Brandon, I know it's selfish but I am really dreading you leaving on Sunday for a week in Mexico. I just know that I'll miss you and I won't enjoy being alone for a week! Although, I know you'll have a blast :)
Dear snow storm, I am not excited about you. It is so cold, windy, and snowy outside and I find you highly unnecessary.
Dear Mamoo (mom), I am excited for you to move back to your old job location. I am hoping you will start to enjoy work much more again! Also, I am proud of you for taking on new opportunities in order to make yourself happy :)
Dear body, I know you are in shock right now but I promise you'll make it through. I hope to continue working out consistently, so you better adjust quickly ;)
Dear weekend, I hope for a few days full of relaxation, working out, starting on school work, reading, hanging with Brandon as much as possible before he leaves, and cuddling my sweet Maggie.

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