Monday, 14 January 2013

Sweet Miss Maggie

The story of our "little baby".

Back in 2011, Brandon kept mentioning that he really wanted to get a pet. We talked about it for quite awhile and realized that dogs are a bit too high maintenance for us at this point in our lives. We then discussed the idea of getting a cat. After talking it through, in September of 2011 we decided to make a trip to the Humane Society in the city and see if we could give one of those sweet cats a loving home. 

Sarah, Brandon, and I went to the Humane Society one day and there was a "deal" happening because they had way too many cats in their care at the time. Essentially we could walk out that day with any cat over the age of 6 months for $10. We walked through the many different rooms and looked at their many cats and we felt like maybe we wouldn't be leaving without a cat that day, none of them really felt right or they were too old, etc. That was until I peered in to the window of one of the rooms and there was a really cute, fluffy cat sleeping in a bed on the window sill. I called Brandon over and pointed this cat out to him but at first he wasn't sold. I then asked to go into the room because I felt like I needed to meet her... something called me to her. 

Needless to say, I fell in love and I convinced Brandon that she was the one. When we first adopted her, her name was "Aggie"... awful name eh?. Since then we just added a "m" on to her name and we call her Maggie. I am so thankful that she caught my eye because she really has turned into our little baby. I mean she's caused us some problems over the past year, such as her never ending worm problem, her scratching of furniture, and her general skittish/timid nature. You see, she was a stray before she was brought to the Humane Society and it is likely that she encountered many harmful people and other animals (ie. big dogs, mean cats, etc). She really has progressed by leaps and bounds but for some reason is still much more fearful of Brandon, then she is of me.

It is amazing to see her progress from being EXTREMELY scared/timid when she first arrived in our home to now being a very cuddly/sweet/clingy/loving cat. I mean she still has moments but overall she can't get enough loving and cuddles. She likes to sit on my shoulders when I'm on my computer, she cuddles us in bed (usually on our pillows), and she also enjoys coming into the bathroom with me (it really is like having a kid around!) and I couldn't love her anymore then I do already. My family also loves her and my mom and dad call her their "grandkitty" and my sisters are her "aunties". My mom always jokes that she is scared to see how I'll be when I have kids because I am very overprotective and constantly worrying about her. All I can say is that, I hope I'm not like that as a mother but it's hard to say ;). Overall, it was the best decision Brandon and I have made together. I love my sweet miss Maggie to the moon and back and she fits perfectly into our nice little family.

Now here are some pictures of her, soak in the cuteness :)

When we first got her, she looks so skinny here!
Grandma & Maggie!
Woke up to her peering down at me one morning :)
Cuddling with cleo, they do this ALL DAY LONG
She is my study buddy!
Mags & I when we first got her
She likes to sit on my computer while I'm trying to work
Pure sweetness.
So sweet!
She is the best "present" ever!
Always sitting up by my shoulders!
Cozy & warm. Spoiled brat!
 Sorry that some of these pictures were a bit fuzzy/unfocused but they mostly came from my blackberry. I really do encourage people who are looking for a pet, to visit their local shelters or Humane Societies first because it is truly rewarding to give an animal a loving home and see them progress and grow up.


  1. She is very cute :) I know for a fact that Britt will love this post haha....

  2. Such a cute little cat! Humane society animals are the best. Our neighbor has about 15 stray/wild cats she feeds... and I don't like them at all! But I do LOVE house cats. Especially ones that love to cuddle. :D I'm a new follower from the GFC blog hop.

    Lacey @

    1. I agree, only cuddly cats will do for me too :)

      Thanks for the follow. I am now following your blog too and look forward to getting you know you better!


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