Wednesday, 16 January 2013


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So what if:
  • I am only half way through this week without Brandon and I already miss him so much. To be honest, he left on Sunday and I was already missing him by Monday. Can't wait for next Monday!
  • I sleep horribly when I'm home alone. I have never liked being alone at night and this fear has only gotten worse over the years, I like the comfort of knowing someone else is home!
  • It is only the 2nd week back to classes and I am already unmotivated and totally not in the "school mode". 
  • I am relying on coffee to get me through this week! It is hard to haul my butt out of bed after getting little to no sleep.
  • I haven't done dishes in 3 days. This is one of the joys of being by myself for a week, nobody cares!
  • I am dreading this weekend. I know, it seems silly but I have no plans and I will be lonely! However, I plan to cheer myself up with a little bit of shopping and baking :)
  • I feel a little resentful of Brandon every time he skypes me. It is not cool to see him sitting on the beach in +30 degree weather drinking mojitos while I am stuck in Winnipeg with -30 degree all alone :(
Reading back through my "so what's", they all seem to be rather depressing but rest assured I am doing things to cheer myself up daily while Brandon is gone.These things include taking bubble baths, drinking wine, listening to music, watching my favourite t.v shows, talking/texting with my friends & family and working out! :)

Check back in Friday for a post called "Fit Fridays". Happy hump day :)

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