About Me

My name is Kerri.
I am 22 years old.
Born and raised on the Prairies in a small Manitoba town.
Newly engaged to my high school sweetheart, Brandon. (wedding 07.16.2016)
Fur mama to two adorable and sweet Kitties, Maggie & Tucker.
Daughter to two wonderful parents who raised me with strong country roots.
Sister to two older sisters who are truly wonderful, Ashley & Stephanie.
Friend to many amazing people who I cherish so very much.
Member of a large, crazy, and dysfunctional family (on both sides).
First time home buyer. Brandon & I bought out 1st home last October.
Went to the University of Winnipeg, where I have my degree in Kinesiology.

 Lover of crafting, fitness and health, Pinterest, baking&cooking, tea, thrifting, reading, wine, summer time, and corny reality tv shows.

 I hope you'll grab a glass of wine (or tea) & stick around for my ramblings about my everyday life.  I'd love to get to know you too :)

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