Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Whole 30: Week 2 Review

Happy Humpday!

I've been meaning to do a quick Whole 30: Week 2 update but have been putting it off. Now we are on Week 4 and I realize we have barely any photos and I can't really remember much about week 2. I'm such a bad blogger!

Week 2 seemed to pass without any big issues, it was pretty smooth sailing to be honest. On the Saturday of week 2, we made a trip home for Brandon's dads birthday celebration. We managed it by making homemade guacamole with vegetables, larabars, and bananas for lunch. Then his family had chicken parmesan for supper with pasta and salad. We had chicken with salsa, baked potatoes and salad. To be honest, I didn't miss the pasta because I'm not a huge fan normally. The hardest part for me was the cake! Brandon's mom made a coconut chocolate cake that looked amazing but we avoided it by washing the dishes and keeping busy during dessert. His mom froze pieces for us for after Whole30 because she's amazing!

The first week of Whole30 my energy was lacking and therefore my workouts suffered. But during Week2, I managed to hit the gym or workout 5 out of 7 days. I definitely felt much better than the first week. I even managed to workout at home on Saturday morning before heading home for the day, yay!


Week 1 Breakfasts
Most breakfasts consisted of 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, hashbrowns, and some time of fruit. A couple mornings we had mixed berries with coconut cream. One day we decided to switch it up and made scrambled eggs with spinach, salsa, and guacamole and neither of us enjoyed it. Bleh! Overall, we have been keeping breakfast simple and easy.

Week 1 Lunches
I am officially the worst at taking photos of my lunches. At work I never remember to snap a picture before my food is gone, oops! This week I was out of my office for 2 days and had to pack a portable lunch. I chose to take a huge cabbage/spinach salad with chicken one day and leftover stir fry the second day. Otherwise lunches are the hardest it seems. If there are no leftovers, we are scrambling to pack a healthy, fulling lunch or are reaching for quick options.

Week 2 Suppers

Monday- roast chicken, cauliflower fritters (yuck), and plantain chips with guac
Tuesday- pickerel, salad bowl with homemade pico de gallo
Wednesday- chicken and veggie stir fry
Thursday- zucchini noodles topped with beef & tomato sauce
Friday- slow cooker ribs with homemade barbecue sauce, baked potato w/crumbled bacon, steam broccoli and cauliflower (amazing meal!)
Saturday- baked chicken w/ salsa,baked potato, baked broccoli & cauliflower
 Sunday- shephard's pie with carrots and peppers

Still loving tea especially bengal spice/sugar plum spice/sleepy time which are all Celestial Seasonings. Brandon still eats berries with coconut cream almost every day, he loves it! We bought boxes of Larabars at Superstore so we use those if we absolutely need a snack or if we're out of the house. Weekends call for coffee with coconut cream & cinnamon... delicious! We also love dipping bananas into almond or cashew butter and then into shredded coconut. One night I made apples sauteed in coconut oil, sprinked with cinnamon, and topped with coconut cream. Amazing!

I think that's a wrap on week 2!

What would be the hardest food to give up for you on the Whole30?

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