Thursday, 24 March 2016

Random Happy Thoughts

Hello Thursday, that is actually like a Friday! I keep saying to everyone in my office "Happy Friday" and I can barely contain my excitement for a 4 day weekend. :) Life has been very busy lately with wedding planning, working 2 jobs, planning my fitness classes, and trying to maintain all my other adult duties haha. I am so ready for a little extended break! Today I'm going to share some random and (mostly) happy thoughts from this week.

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Thoughts that run through my head at 5:40 a.m. include "why did I agree to teach a 6 a.m. fitness class?" and "why do some people willingly wake up this freaking early?". Thankfully, after I teach class I am usually singing a different tune. I feel wide awake, I get to eat a leisurely breakfast, and I feel like I actually accomplished something before 9 a.m.

Brandon has been off this week to use up holiday time which means that I get adorable texts and snapchats from him of our kitties. I know I may be biased but our kitties are the cutest! ;) FYI: Maggie DOES NOT love Brandon more. 

My beautiful mom celebrated her birthday on Tuesday and we decided to send her flowers at work! I didn't know this at the time but not only did we send her flowers, so did my grandma and my dad. #spoiled #shedeservesit Side note: yes my mom has snapchat and she is the cutest ever!

I shouldn't say too much because I am also spoiled! On Tuesday, Brandon was heading into the city for a Jets game and he left me a surprise "just because" gift on the bed when I got home. A peacock bowl (that I've been eyeing for months but am too cheap to buy) and new purple slippers! :)

I LOVE teaching fitness classes. My participants are all so wonderful and dedicated and they always have a great time full of laughs. On Tuesday, Lindsay (my boss) and I made them do modified burpees and we even joined in for the last couple.
Sweaty post-workout selfie. You're welcome!

For the past couple of months I've been in a bit of a gym slump, so this week I decided to pull out my Jillian Michael's Body Revolution DVD's and try those. I have been loving them and they have been leaving me SORE. This is just a reminder to you to switch it up often and keep your workouts fun and exciting :)

We are heading home tomorrow morning until Sunday or Monday and I am excited to hang out with our families. We have at least two family suppers to attend and I'm sure they will both include lots of yummy food!

Happy Easter everyone! 
Enjoy your long weekend hopefully 
surrounded by friends, family & lots of delicious food :)

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