Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hello 2014!

I can't believe that today marks the last day of 2013. It seems that the older I get, the quicker time passes. It feels like just yesterday I was still living in Winnipeg and finishing up school at the University of Winnipeg. I have now been living at home since May of 2013 and have been working two part time jobs since September. It has been really great for saving money and spending time with my family, however I am excited that I will be moving out in 2014.

I wanted to kind of recap my 2013 however I don't feel like sifting through all of my blog posts and pictures so that is a no-go. I will say that 2013 was a fun but challenging year full of transitions. 2013 is the year that I... officially finished my undergrad degree, made new friends (hello Natalie!), moved home to mooch of the rents, when I finally got back into a fitness/health groove, when I became an "aunt" to my sweet miss Casey, and the year that Brandon and I celebrated 4 years of dating!

Being someone who loves lists and loves making goals, I think it would be fitting for me to make a few new goals to work towards this year. I know many people think that New Years resolution are silly and pointless, but I am really determined to work towards some small goals. I thrive off of challenge and I want to be constantly improving myself and my life. The only reason resolutions are pointless, is because people fail to remain motivated and driven. It's completely a personal choice and I am vowing to make 2014 amazing!

2014 Goals:
1.  Keep a fitness/diet journal to keep myself accountable for how I am treating my body. It's okay if I fail to keep it for a few days or weeks, but I will vow to always get back on track. It helps to make me more aware what I am consuming and how much I am improving my health.
2.Consciously spend less time on social media everyday. I made this goal last year and I definitely did not give it my best shot. I am constantly scrolling through instagram,twitter, facebook, bloglovin, etc. or playing games, it is a bit excessive and a waste of my time.
3. Meditate daily. I'm making this goal so I can make my mental health a priority. I used to meditate all the time and it helped me feel grounded and it cleared my mind of worries. Anywhere from 5-20 minutes, it was I will aim for.
4. Spend less money on clothing. Only buy things when necessary. Get rid of clothes that I know I won't wear again.
5. Simplify. My relationships, my money, my wardrobes, my possessions, my thoughts. I just simply want to be more present in my daily life and worry less about what I have or don't have. I stress myself out too much, I get angry too easily, I worry about the unknown. It's time to embrace change and to embrace the unknown.
6. Be creative! I want to actually do some of the millions of projects, crafts, and recipes I have pinned. There is no better time than now!
I am dedicated and determined to make 2014 my best year yet. I want to be positive, happy, healthy, helpful, loving, and intentional in my life.
Bring it on 2014, I'm ready for you! :)

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Getting back in the groove

The holidays are always wonderful and full of family and fun. However, they are also full of a bit too much chaos and disorder for my liking. I love seeing my family and playing games and just catching up but only for so long. Especially with my extended family. Right now I am feeling thankful for the time spent with loved ones and grateful for all the gifts and love I was shown throughout the holidays from friends and family. I'm also craving routine and order back in my life though. I have been shovelling junk in my body and missing too many workouts. I feel bloated and gross and I know I need to get back on track.

I'm really determined to keep up with working out and eating healthy in 2014. I'm excited to push myself to new levels of strength and endurance and also to try new recipes and foods. I love seeing my body change and improve!  I'm also excited to focus more on my emotional and mental health. I need to focus on what bothers me and how I handle my emotions. I'm thinking of setting meditation and journaling goals.

Check back tomorrow for a post on my goals for 2014! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time surrounded by family and friends.

Here's to a wonderful 2014! :)

Thursday, 19 December 2013

4 years♡

On December 17th, Brandon and I celebrated our 4 year dating anniversary. I still remember vividly the day we started dating. It was my high school best friends 18th birthday and also the night of our school Christmas dance. Quinn, Brandon and I skipped out of the dance early and went to Quinn's house to hang out. Later on in the night, Brandon and I headed home. We walked out of Quinn's house and Brandon asked me out in her driveway. My heart was pounding but I said YES! We then hugged and kissed and it felt so so right. Up until a few days before this, I had been seeing another guy (who treated me terribly by the way). I finally had the courage to get out of that awful relationship. Brandon and I were best friends throughout grade 11 and 12 and up until December of 2009, I thought all we'd ever be was friends. However my heart had another plan. I started getting giddy around him, jealous of other girls that flirted with him and I wanted to spend every possible second with him.

The past 4 years haven't always be easy but they have been worth it. I'm very stubborn and have a bad temper. Brandon is very good at pushing my buttons and never giving up even when I'm mad. We fight and we get mad but we always make up right away. We balance each other out nicely. He is the most thoughtful person I know and is ALWAYS thinking of others before himself. He gives the sweetest, most personal presents ever. He is usually always the one to make our fights better.  He always tells me I'm beautiful and makes me feel special. He is kind, gentle, honest, loving, handsome, smart, and best of all he is mine.

Not even a month after we started dating, my grandpa passed away. Not even 6 months later my cousin passed away. He helped me beyond belief to make it through all this heartache. We have graduated high school together, moved to Winnipeg together, made it through 3 years of university, managed not to kill each other while we lived together, got through the death of sweet Sasha and Patches together,  and now are trying our best to survive not living together. Also, his family is like my second family. I love spending time with them!

Thanks for being my best friend and my better half. Here's to many many more years together! I love you Brandon! ♡

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Change in my mindset.

Yesterday, I had a pretty awful day full of bad luck. First off, on my drive to work my windshield got a beating after it was hit with a huge rock thrown by a semi. This annoyed me but I didn't think too much about it. When I got closer to the city, all of a sudden my car started jolting erratically and a light was blinking on my dash. I started to panic a little bit but it stopped right away, so I figured I would keep driving. Not even 10 minutes later, everything on my dashboard quit working. Including my lights, radio, speedometer, and fuel gauge. At this point, I started to panic and fully expected my car to die right there in the middle of the highway. My car was still running however, so I kept on going. Not wanting to be late to work. On the back road leading to my workplace, there was a bunch of deer running on the road so I honked my horn and magically everything started working on my car again except my headlights. I didn't know what the heck was going on but I called my dad and he told me to get home before it was dark that night and he would take a look at it, it is probably just a wiring or fuse issue. This whole situation really just put me in a bad mood and made me frustrated with my stupid car. I literally have had nothing but issues with my Ford Focus. I bought it hoping it would be reliable and cheap on gas. I guarantee my dad and I have collectively spent more fixing that car than it's actually worth. So annoying!

However, last night when I got home from work around 5 p.m. I decided to sit down for a bit and indulge in a hugeeee glass of wine. After thoroughly enjoying this glass of wine and having some supper, I started to feel a bit better. I realized that everyone has bad days, but the most important part is reacting appropriately to said frustration. In the past, I would of stopped and grabbed some chocolate or chips and went home and drank the whole bottle of wine and felt sorry for myself.  Last night however, I had my glass of wine, turned on some upbeat music, and got on the treadmill to run 3 miles. I know it's cliche but I felt a million times better after I completed that workout. It is amazing to me still that I am capable of running for any length of time. Sure, 3 miles may not be that far for some people but for me that is a huge deal. I never used to be able to run for a 1/4 of a mile.

When it comes down to it, every experience in life is shaped by your attitude and perspective on things. If you chose to feel sorry for yourself and be frustrated by your lack of progress, then you will not succeed. Optimism really does go a long way. Set out in day believing that you are capable of your goals and you will do great things. 

Lately, I have been increasing my water consumption, really watching what I eat, and working out 5-6 days per week. I am starting to look forward to my Jillian Michael's workouts or my longer jogs on the treadmill. I am proud of how far I have come. Even if I haven't lost any weight, I know I have lost inches and I feel a lot better about myself. For the past 3+ years, I kind of let myself go. I made excuses, I always said "I will start tomorrow", and I always looked in the mirror and felt less than satisfied with my body. It's easy to make excuses but it's sooo worth it to see improvements in your body, to push yourself to new limits, and to really just live your life to the fullest. Take time today and work towards what is important to you. Be proud of yourself.


Monday, 2 December 2013

Hello December

So I'm not really sure what happened but somehow November flew by right before my eyes. I was fairly busy with work and school so I'm not too shocked by that but I can't believe 2013 is almost over!

This Friday will be my last day of my class at BU and my final exam is December 17th. That means that I will officially done with my undergrad degree and will receive my degree in February. This is crazy to me! I also have to apply for the masters program in occupational therapy before February... so I will be busy getting my application ready to send off! A masters program?  Me? This is pure craziness. I will be praying I get accepted.

I have all my weekends free of work in December too which I am pumped about. I get to spend much needed time with Brandon and my family finally. In fact, this Friday Brandon and I are off to Grand Forks for the weekend for a mini vacay! We will shop, relax, go out for meals and just spend some time together ♥ I also hope to get my christmas shopping mostly done too!

My sister Stephanie is done vet school for the term on December 14th so she will be home in good time this year! I can't wait to catch up with her. I also can't wait to put up our Christmas tree, make chocolates, do some baking, play in the snow and have a games day with my whole family.

Christmas really is my favourite time of year. It makes me feel so thankful for everything and everyone I have in my life. ♡

Happy Monday everyone! :)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I feel like this past week has been a weird one. I have been struggling to stay motivated with working out and with school. I have been grumpier and more restless than usual. Sometimes I feel like I juat need a break. To truly unwind and remind myself why I'm doing what I'm doing. In the mean time, here's what I've been up to lately.

The Happiness Project and the Hunger Games books again. The happiness project has been a bit dull for me to be honest. It is a lot of theory and the whole concept is not very attainable but I will finish it. I'm wanted to reread the hunger games before I watched catching fire but that didn't happen.

Lately, I've honestly been pretty bored woth t.v. however I do faithfully watch the voice, hostages, heartland, and the biggest loser. I am missing some of the shows I watched in the city, like new girl and hart of dixie but I will just have to watch them all in a row :)

All of my time spent with Brandon. It really is sparse compared to what we're used to but that makes the time we do get together that much more special. I am dreaming of next year when we FINALLY live together again ♥

Can't get enough lemon, mint, & cucumber water and also wine and green tea. I went a few months without much wine but I felt like I needed it this week ;)

The end of this stupid anthro course, having all my weekends free in December and of course the Christmas season. I can't wait until my sister is home in the middle of December and my other sister closer to Christmas day. I really do cherish al our family traditions because I know eventually we will each have our own families to build memories with.

Tights, dresses, boots, scarves and big cozy sweaters whenever possible. I don't dress up for my job because I get dirty and dusty, so on days off I love dressing up. I could wear tights and boots forever and be happy I swear :)

Passenger- let her go
Hedley- anything
Pitbull- timber
Little big town- sober
Lady antebellum- compass

Thinking about
How I'm never satisfied with my hair. I'm constantly wanting to dye it or cut it. I enjoyed my blonde streaks for the summer but I'm really over it. Also my straight across bangs, need to take a hike for awhile. I think its time for brown hair with side bangs. I like to switch it up. I'm sure I will have light hair and straight across bangs again soon enough.

Well its 9:30 on Wednesday evening and I am soooo ready for bed. Time to read and then hit the hay.

Happy hump day everyone!  ;)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

I believe in...

I believe in sleeping in on weekends.

I believe in the beauty of the first snowfall, the changing of the leaves, the intensity of the summer sun, and the freshness of spring.

I believe that animal cuddles have the potential to make any bad day better.

I believe in reflecting on the past often and realizing just how far you’ve come.

I believe in always striving to be a better person.

I believe in the power of a good sweat session.

I believe in spending as much time with family as possible.

My family is crazy & I wouldn't have it any other way :)

I believe in traditions. Like making Christmas chocolates or having waffles every Christmas morning.

I believe that there are wonderful things in my future.

I believe in a nice warm, delicious cup of coffee to start the day off right.

I believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that there is nothing better than spending time with friends.

I believe that treats are even more delicious when they are enjoyed in moderation.

I believe that being a kind, generous person pays off in the end.

I believe that hard work and dedication is worthwhile. Life is tough but giving up is not an option.

I believe in spending time with your significant other. Whether it be a date night or a night in!
An old picture of us that I still love :)

I believe that summer is the best season of the year.

I believe that salty, buttery popcorn is essential when going to the movies.

I believe in Christmas. Decorating, celebrating, and going all out. It is a magical time!

I believe in fresh beginnings and always living each day like it could be your last.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Taking time to reflect

Lately, I have been feeling a lot better about myself. Throughout my 3 years in university,  I had many extreme highs and lows. I had never faced so much stress in my life before. Sometimes I was so stressed,  I know I was an awful person to be around. I have a bad temper and I hate when I'm not in control of things happening in my life. I knew I needed to change my attitude and get a more optimistic outlook on life. I felt like this year "break" from being a full time student was very much needed or I knew that I would lose my cool. I have been striving to look at all situations in a more positive light and to think before I speak and react to bad situations. I know that if I don't get enough sleep or miss too many days of working out that I will be miserable. I try to pay closer attention to what my body and mind are telling me I need. I'm trying to control my temper better and I'm trying to really soak up every day off this "off season" in my life.

Speaking of soaking up all the little moments, here are some pictures of my walk with Missy the other day. So beautiful and calming :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Being the "best me"

Lately, I have definitely been struggling and I've certainly not been the best me possible. I'm busy and easily overwhelmed. I hate when things don't go my way (don't we all?). I have been consistently late to everything lately,  whether it's work or class or visits with friends. I have been struggling to manage my time effectively and in turn its making me a miserable, awful person. More times than I care to admit, I have yelled at Brandon or called him names or told him to shut up. I feel terrible. On Saturday,  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was grumpy as soon as my eyes opened. I was upset that I had to bake and didn't have time to workout. I was not a pleasant person to be around. I have always had anger problems but today it dawned on me. Some things in life are inevitable. Some days its not possible to fit in everything you wish to do. Fretting over it and being grumpy and unreasonable is not acceptable. I want to try and be a better girlfriend,  daughter, friend, sister, and person. In order to keep myself accountable I made a list of things that I can do in order to be a nicer and happier person.

Things to help me keep calm & happy:
  ◇ turn on some upbeat and uplifting music daily and dance, sing and enjoy yourself.
  ◇ put on your workout clothes and shoes and get moving. Whether its for 10 minutes or 40 minutes, it is valuable and you will feel much much better.
  ◇ think of others before yourself. Buy someone elses coffee at starbucks, hold a door for someone, send random happy mail to friends and family. It could help make someone's day that much brighter.
  STOP what you're doing for 5 minutes a meditate. Calm your brain and feel grounded again. Deep breathes and silence will do great things.
  next time you're about to complain, think befote you do. Complaining is a waste of time and energy. Sometimes life sucks and days are hard to get through but a positive attitude will always help.
  cuddle maggie, jinx or missy and feel loved. Pets will love you unconditionally and its important to soak up those moments while they last.
  clean or organize, it will help things to be less chaotic and more relaxed.
  put down your phone and stay off social media whether ir be for an hour or a whole day. Life does go on without it and there are so many others things in life that are just waiting to be enjoyed.
  make more time for things you enjoy. Some things that come time mind are baking, cooking, crafting, reading, and having a bubble bath.

It is important to keep In mind that we all make mistakes and have bad days.  Own it, aplogize to those you hurt and move on. Tomorrow is a brand new day, make it the best day possible. Make time to enjoy yourself and all those people who you love!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Someday I will...

First, lets notice that I am finally succeeding at blogging more. More than once a week is huge for me lately. I have started blogging from my phone a lot more and even though it's not ideal, it works. I apologize in advance but all my pictures will be at the end of my posts when I use my phone.

Anyways, today I am participating in a fun little link up called Someday I will put on by Taylor over at The Daily Tay. Lets get to it!

Someday I will...

◇ take a yoga class again. I loved taking one a few years ago with my mom and I know my flexibility could use some work.

◇ learn self control and be able to say no to Halloween candy. Currently there are mini chocolate bars and tootsie rolls calling my name.

◇ run a half marathon. I love the way running makes me feel and I also love a good challenge.

◇ not live with my parents and I miss them beyond belief. My mom does sweet things like buy me mint green tea and epsom salts, just because she loves me!

◇ gift all handmade Christmas presents to my friends and family.

◇get around to organizing all my boards on pinterest and actually attempt some pinterest projects/recipes.

◇ accept that I am not a morning person and that I never will be. If I never had to wake before 8 a.m., I would be a happy girl!

◇ own an acreage with Brandon where we can have as many animals as we please.  I will finally get my horse and Brandon can get his Alaskan malamute puppy. It will be a simple but happy life!

◇ travel to as many places as possible. To experience many different cultures and ways of life!

◇ learn to embrace the scary and unknown elements in life.  I will learn to dream big and then have the faith to chase those dreams! Everyday,  I will be happy, optimistic, hopeful and thankful for this journey called life.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Make your day great :)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Fitness Update

It should be no surprise to any of you, that I talk about fitness a lot. It is by far one of my favorite topics to blog about. It is my passion in life and possibly one day I will have a career in fitness,  we will see. Growing up as an overweight kid, really did open my eyes to the importance of health and fitness. Not only to look better but also to feel better about myself and to have confidence in my abilities.

Sometimes, it is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I can't run as far, lift as much or look as good as other people. I just need to keep in mind that its MY body and MY life and I should be proud of my improvements. In June, when I first started running,  I couldn't even run half a mile without stopping and now I can run 2-3 miles without stopping. I lift 8-10 pound weights now compared to 5 pound  weights. I have consistently worked out at least 4+ days since July. I have turned down junk food on many occasions ( cake, donuts, etc) even when I really wanted them. Tonight for example, I only ate half the food on my plate for supper since I recognized I was full and then I put on my workout clothes and did a kettlebell and ab circuit while watching t.v. Small choices= big changes!

These are all huge accomplishments for me. Things I deserve to be proud of. I am excited to keep pushing myself to new levels and possibly trying out a race (half marathon) some day in the future.

I feel a lot better lately. I have more energy, more confidence, less anger and a more toned and fit body. I am strong and proud of myself for finally sticking to it. My health is extremely important to me, so even when I don't have time to work out or eat healthy, I will make time. My health is a priority. I AM A PRIORITY!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thankful Thursday

These posts are always my favourite to write,  I love reflecting on everything in my life that I am thankful for. My life isn't perfect but its pretty darn great and I couldn't ask for better people to share it with.

I am thankful for...

My jobs
Even though some days I dread going to work and just wish to stay at home in bed all day, I really am thankful for a steady income. Both of my bosses are very easy going and fun to work for. My one job is doing barley research and the other is working with the sports teams at Brandon University. Two completely different areas of work but I love them both!

Growing up we always had animals at my house. Living on a farm, I was always surrounded by cows, horses, sheep, emus, cats and dogs. I couldn't imagine life without all these furry creatures around. Missy and Jinx my family pets are sweet and loving and both have their own personalities. Miss Maggie, is my little princess. We have a special bond and she really does cheer me up and love me unconditionally.

I am one of those crazy people who stop on the side of the road and snap pictures of pretty sunsets/sunrises, trees or animals. I love how beautiful our world is and I try to enjoy it as much as possible. I also love running outdoors, there is no better views than prairie skies and fields.

He is silly, kind, thoughtful, caring,  supportive, and simply just the best. Its tough not living with him but I am thankful for all the time we do get to spend together. He's always doing small things to remind me just how much he loves me. I am grateful he's in my life.

This is something I am always thankful for but my family is just so wonderful! I am grateful for my mom who folds my laundry for me (since I am forgetful), who encourages me and supports me in everything I do, and who is constantly thinking of small ways to make my life easier and better. For my dad who is always looking after my car and buying me winter tires since he knowd I need new ones. For my sister Ashley who is always encouraging me to keep blogging and working out, two areas I always struggle me. Finally for Stephanie,  who is determined, driven, and a smart cookie. She will make the best vet ever!

To be alive and healthy
Some days it is easy to complain and to be grumpy about all the ways life is hard. But at the end of the day, I am alive and healthy. It doesn't get much better than that. Last night after running 3 miles,  I was overcome with thankfulness at the fact that I am able to run. There are many things I take for granted but I vow to open my eyes and appreciate all the little things in life a bit more!

I am reading The Happiness Project right now on my kobo and its amazing! It really opens your eyes to little ways in which you can simplify your life and appreciate it more. I will be putting some of these principals to practice asap :)

Happy Thursday everyone! :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

No Excuses

So this whole blogging thing has really been put on the back burner lately. It's not because I don't want to blog or I don't miss it, it is simply because I am so busy all. the. time. Between working two part time jobs that equal full time hours, taking a course, and trying to spend time with Brandon and my family... my life is pretty hectic. Some days I am exhausted and just want to crawl in to bed and forget about all of my responsibilities but then I remind myself "this is the real world". It's funny how when I was a full time student, I was always wishing and waiting to be done so that I could start a job and get rid of the stress. That mentality is comical now because I realize that life in general is busy, stressful, and hectic no matter what you're doing. Yes being a full time student is crazy and hard to handle but so is being a part of the work force. It's all about finding balance.

Lately, I have been really good about making myself work out and consciously choosing healthier options. For such a long time now I have been sporadic about my healthy habits and I finally realized that if I want to be healthy, fit, and the "best me" possible I just simply have to make time. I have come to terms with the fact that I will probably never be someone who wakes up earlier and works out, so this simply means that I have to make time at night. Even after a full day of working both my jobs and class I have to make myself. Sometimes I have to convince myself to put on my workout clothes and running shoes and just do it. I know I will feel better after I do it. I know that spending that half an hour to an hour is worth it in the long run. I want to feel good about myself and keep pushing myself to do better. I have many lofty goals in mind. 

Being healthy is extremely important to me. It pertains to my chosen profession, it's important for my mental and physical health, and it makes me a happier and nicer person. Not every day will be fun or easy or enjoyable but it's worth it. I guess I am writing this post to simply remind myself that it's worth it, it will be hard and I will want to give up, but just keep going. If you put your mind to it you will achieve great things. You will be able to run farther, lift more, workout longer, be toned, feel good about yourself, treat people better, and overall be a well-round individual. So many times before, I have started up a new routine or tried to lose weight and I have always sabotaged myself. Some times because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted but other times because I was "too busy" or lazy or I just stopped caring. This whole "healthy living" thing is a lifelong commitment. It's time to take it seriously and start making time to be the best me possible. You can too, I promise! Small, simple steps. 

When I first started, I could barely run 1/4 of a mile without stopping. My lungs would be burning, my heart racing, my body sweating, and I thought I was going to collapse. But I kept going and pushed past it and over the course of a few months, I can run 3 miles without stopping. That is a pretty huge accomplishment. I love the "runner's high" I experience and I appreciate how good I feel after I complete a run or a strength training workout. I will not give up. My goal is to eventually run a half marathon and I have considered doing the Manitoba Half Marathon next June but I haven't committed yet. I just know that anything is possible for me, as long as I stay committed, focused, and dedicated to being awesome.

For extra encouragement, follow my fitness board on pinterest


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Life is crazy and hectic.

Life is quite hectic lately. I finished off my summer job at the end of August. I celebrated my 21st birthday on August 30th. On September long weekend both my sisters were here and I spent all weekend hanging out and catching up with my family. Then September 4th I started school at Brandon University. I am only taking one course for 3 hours per week and it will definitely be a challenge. I miss the University of Winnipeg which may seem silly but it was my life for 3 years. Everything was familiar there, I had friends,  I knew where classes were, etc. I will definitely be keeping busy now since I am working two jobs. One is part time at the Research Station (where I worked in the summer) and a new job at BU working with the athletic department doing game day preparations. Between both jobs I will probably be working close to  full time. Also my dad still wants my help with harvest over the next month or so.

Life is quite hectic and a lot different than the past few years. I do miss Winnipeg but I am enjoying the perks of living at home. I miss living with Brandon a lot of the time since we got used to living together for over a year. I know that this year is just a transition period and I am enjoying my freedom from constant school work and studying.

I do hope to blog more and be more consistent with it this fall but we'll see how it goes. Without having wifi at home and very little free time, it will be a challenge. However, Brandon did buy me a beautiful, fancy camera for my birthday,  so I hope to put it to good use!!

I will leave you with a few pictures of life lately. I hope you all have a great week!