Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Someday I will...

First, lets notice that I am finally succeeding at blogging more. More than once a week is huge for me lately. I have started blogging from my phone a lot more and even though it's not ideal, it works. I apologize in advance but all my pictures will be at the end of my posts when I use my phone.

Anyways, today I am participating in a fun little link up called Someday I will put on by Taylor over at The Daily Tay. Lets get to it!

Someday I will...

◇ take a yoga class again. I loved taking one a few years ago with my mom and I know my flexibility could use some work.

◇ learn self control and be able to say no to Halloween candy. Currently there are mini chocolate bars and tootsie rolls calling my name.

◇ run a half marathon. I love the way running makes me feel and I also love a good challenge.

◇ not live with my parents and I miss them beyond belief. My mom does sweet things like buy me mint green tea and epsom salts, just because she loves me!

◇ gift all handmade Christmas presents to my friends and family.

◇get around to organizing all my boards on pinterest and actually attempt some pinterest projects/recipes.

◇ accept that I am not a morning person and that I never will be. If I never had to wake before 8 a.m., I would be a happy girl!

◇ own an acreage with Brandon where we can have as many animals as we please.  I will finally get my horse and Brandon can get his Alaskan malamute puppy. It will be a simple but happy life!

◇ travel to as many places as possible. To experience many different cultures and ways of life!

◇ learn to embrace the scary and unknown elements in life.  I will learn to dream big and then have the faith to chase those dreams! Everyday,  I will be happy, optimistic, hopeful and thankful for this journey called life.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Make your day great :)

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  1. I already had 3 mini candies. Oops. Good luck on reaching all of these!


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