Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thankful Thursday

These posts are always my favourite to write,  I love reflecting on everything in my life that I am thankful for. My life isn't perfect but its pretty darn great and I couldn't ask for better people to share it with.

I am thankful for...

My jobs
Even though some days I dread going to work and just wish to stay at home in bed all day, I really am thankful for a steady income. Both of my bosses are very easy going and fun to work for. My one job is doing barley research and the other is working with the sports teams at Brandon University. Two completely different areas of work but I love them both!

Growing up we always had animals at my house. Living on a farm, I was always surrounded by cows, horses, sheep, emus, cats and dogs. I couldn't imagine life without all these furry creatures around. Missy and Jinx my family pets are sweet and loving and both have their own personalities. Miss Maggie, is my little princess. We have a special bond and she really does cheer me up and love me unconditionally.

I am one of those crazy people who stop on the side of the road and snap pictures of pretty sunsets/sunrises, trees or animals. I love how beautiful our world is and I try to enjoy it as much as possible. I also love running outdoors, there is no better views than prairie skies and fields.

He is silly, kind, thoughtful, caring,  supportive, and simply just the best. Its tough not living with him but I am thankful for all the time we do get to spend together. He's always doing small things to remind me just how much he loves me. I am grateful he's in my life.

This is something I am always thankful for but my family is just so wonderful! I am grateful for my mom who folds my laundry for me (since I am forgetful), who encourages me and supports me in everything I do, and who is constantly thinking of small ways to make my life easier and better. For my dad who is always looking after my car and buying me winter tires since he knowd I need new ones. For my sister Ashley who is always encouraging me to keep blogging and working out, two areas I always struggle me. Finally for Stephanie,  who is determined, driven, and a smart cookie. She will make the best vet ever!

To be alive and healthy
Some days it is easy to complain and to be grumpy about all the ways life is hard. But at the end of the day, I am alive and healthy. It doesn't get much better than that. Last night after running 3 miles,  I was overcome with thankfulness at the fact that I am able to run. There are many things I take for granted but I vow to open my eyes and appreciate all the little things in life a bit more!

I am reading The Happiness Project right now on my kobo and its amazing! It really opens your eyes to little ways in which you can simplify your life and appreciate it more. I will be putting some of these principals to practice asap :)

Happy Thursday everyone! :)


  1. What are the chances- I am also reading the Happiness Project at the moment. While it has some good ideas, I am half way through it and find that it is getting slightly tedious. But, I'm determined to finish it off :)

    1. That's crazy! I had been wanting to read it for quite some time but never got around to it. I saw lots of reviews and mentions of it circulating the blogging world, so I finally made myself start it. I agree, the concept is really neat but it's a bit unrealistic!


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