Thursday, 21 November 2013

I believe in...

I believe in sleeping in on weekends.

I believe in the beauty of the first snowfall, the changing of the leaves, the intensity of the summer sun, and the freshness of spring.

I believe that animal cuddles have the potential to make any bad day better.

I believe in reflecting on the past often and realizing just how far you’ve come.

I believe in always striving to be a better person.

I believe in the power of a good sweat session.

I believe in spending as much time with family as possible.

My family is crazy & I wouldn't have it any other way :)

I believe in traditions. Like making Christmas chocolates or having waffles every Christmas morning.

I believe that there are wonderful things in my future.

I believe in a nice warm, delicious cup of coffee to start the day off right.

I believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that there is nothing better than spending time with friends.

I believe that treats are even more delicious when they are enjoyed in moderation.

I believe that being a kind, generous person pays off in the end.

I believe that hard work and dedication is worthwhile. Life is tough but giving up is not an option.

I believe in spending time with your significant other. Whether it be a date night or a night in!
An old picture of us that I still love :)

I believe that summer is the best season of the year.

I believe that salty, buttery popcorn is essential when going to the movies.

I believe in Christmas. Decorating, celebrating, and going all out. It is a magical time!

I believe in fresh beginnings and always living each day like it could be your last.

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