Sunday, 20 March 2016

Whole 30: Week 3 & 4 Review

So life has been a bit hectic lately and I have neglected this little blog of mine! I wanted to write a week 3 and 4 recap of our Whole30 but those 2 weeks seem to blur together now for me, so I thought I'd just combine them into one post :)

Week 3 sailed by similar to Week 2 until... we went home to Minnedosa on the Friday and the temptations were out of control. On Friday night, we planned poorly and let our hunger get out of control. My parents were planning a steak supper for later (7:30 p.m.) and that was too long between lunch and supper. Thankfully, my sister (the Whole30 rockstar!) was with us and she had a delicious cashew larabar for us to snack on. She also let us know that we could drink club soda with fruit in it, I'm not sure why we didn't clue in on that sooner. Regardless, we made it through the hanger and we had a delicious steak supper! Everything was going well until we met with the cupcake lady for my sister's wedding. My family got to sample 6 different delicious looking cupcakes while we munched away on strawberries for dessert.

Week 4 was definitely a struggle. By this point we were getting really sick of all the cooking & cleaning (not having a dishwasher sucks!) and we just wanted to be DONE! There were a couple times when I considered stopping. I would say to myself... "hey we made it 25 days, that's almost as good as 30!" or "if you cheat, no body will even know". I am SO glad I didn't give in and pushed through the final days! I can say that I followed through with a challenge. I have tried many different health and fitness challenges and I've never completely followed through... so I was VERY proud of myself! :)

When I worked out, my workouts were great! Generally, I had lots of energy and was able to push myself. I never did get tiger blood so I didn't notice a huge improvement but I was still pleased. However, my workout frequency was still less than before Whole30. To be honest, I have been really up and down with my workouts for the last few months. Definitely have been in a workout slump but it happens to everyone, so I woudn't necessarily blame it on Whole30.


Breakfast was usually eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, fruit, and guacamole. It did the trick and kept us full until lunch! We also started making "breakfast stacks" which were sausage topped with crispy hashbrown patties, guacamole, tomato, and a poached egg. So yummy! We also discovered Pioneer Meats sausages that are Whole30 compliant and not very expensive. :) 

Lunch and Supper
We tried a couple new meals including spaghetti squash pad thai, beef chili from the Whole30 book, and almond crusted chicken breasts. We did also have a lot of repeat meals, for example, we ate chicken legs and smashed potatoes probably 4 or 5 times within the last two weeks. It was delicious and we never got sick of it :) We also tried brussel sprouts with bacon and it was amazing! We definitely enjoyed a lot of good food on our Whole30.

Brandon and I were still enjoying frozen fruit blend topped with coconut cream and cinnamon and we also loved our nightly tea ritual! We were so so glad to be done with Whole30 but now that its been a couple weeks... I honestly do miss it and need to get back to a whole foods diet. On day 31, Brandon ate a donut and I indulged in WAY too much chocolate.

I will write a final re-cap of our whole 30 and my thoughts going forward from here :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!   

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