Friday, 23 August 2013


Happy Friday everyone!

This is my 100th post, that seems crazy to me considering that I only started blogging last July. Even though I have had many breaks from blogging along the way, I still love to document my everyday life. It is so interesting to look back on my posts and re-live moments and memories. My blog is such a precious keepsake for me and I am glad that some people enjoy reading it so much (I'm talking about you Ash!).

Anyways, I have been really struggling with being consistent about blogging and it has a lot to do with not feeling inspired and not knowing what to write about. Then I got looking through my recent phone pictures and realized, "wow my life is pretty great, I have a lot to be thankful for". Therefore, today I will write about the many things I am thankful for this summer.

one. Time spent with friends. I took this picture last Sunday when I spent time with Jenna at the beach in town. I realized that it was my first time at the Minnedosa beach this summer and I sure do miss it. I also enjoyed seeing Jenna since I rarely do anymore since I don't live in Winnipeg.

two. fresh garden produce. we had enough purple, green, and yellow beans to feed an army. There is nothing better than eating produce you grew yourself, it is so fresh and delicious.

three. spending time with my animals. Both of our family pets are getting up there in age and I can't imagine life without them. So lately, I have just been soaking up time spent with them so much more.

four. Time spent with Brandon and his family/pets. I am so thankful to have Brandon in my life and I am also grateful that his family accepts me as one of them. Also, this picture is adorable. Titan loves morning cuddles.

five. I am thankful for my healthy, my happiness, the roof over my head,  food to nourish my body and mainly I am just thankful to be alive and free.

six. Sweet miss Maggie. I know I talk about her a lot on my blog but she is my little princess. Today I stayed home from work since I didn't get home and into bed until 1:30 am. I think  Maggie was thankful considering she followed me everywhere today and constantly wanted cuddles. I am not complaining.

seven. this is just too cute of a picture not to post. I am thankful for Jinx's spunky and crazy personality. I am also thankful that he is still around so he can be on mouse patrol and of course so he can cuddles Maggie and antagonize Missy. For being a 12 year old cat, he sure has a lot of energy and spunk. left in him

eight. country skies, dirt roads, and a perfect reminder to slow down and soak it all in. I have a billion pictures similar to this one on my phone and I just can't get enough. so much beauty.

nine. i am thankful for brandon who makes amazing, fresh, and delicious meals for me even when I am being hard to handle. this supper included zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans all from the garden. food= true love.

This list doesn't even begin to sum up everything I am thankful for. This summer has really been way more incredible than I ever expected. I have made so many new friends at work and I am excited to be staying at home for the next year so I can continue nurturing these special friendships.

Also, next Friday is my 21st birthday! It seems unbelievable to me that I am already 21 years old, time just seems to pass way too fast. Ashley will finally be home from northern B.C. next week and she is heading home for the long weekend. Steph will also be home from Friday-Monday, so I am excited to spend some time with my family. I only have 5 days of work left for the summer before I switch crews and start working part-time in the fall. It will be strange not moving back to Winnipeg and not being in school full-time, but I think it will be a much needed break from the craziness.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the lingering summer-time moments.

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