Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The summer of 2013

Soooo, it has been forever since I posted on this little blog of mine. Partially because I have had a crazy busy and awesome summer but also because my internet sucks at home. I am posting this from my phone, so it may be a bit wonky. I have enjoyed a little break from blogging to be honest but I do miss it and my sister, Ashley, finally convinced me to start posting again.

This summer, I have been keeping busy with 4-H, work, making new friends, having family visit, enjoying the weather, and doing summer activities.

Now summer is almost over. I have 2.5 weeks of work left. This fall I am taking 1 course and working part time at the research station and possibly helping my dad on the farm.

I am missing a lot of pieces and memories from this summer but I will let the pictures do the talking. Heres some pictures for you Ash!

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  1. Awesome pictures!!!!!!
    The kitties and puppy are soooooo cute!
    And that picture of guacamole totally made my mouth water. Not to mention all those delicious-looking drinks. Can't wait for the long weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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