Thursday, 12 June 2014

Our Newest Family Member

So for awhile now, Brandon and I had been discussing the fact that we thought Maggie needed a friend. She has always had another cat around since we got her (either Cleo or Jinx) and we didn't want her to be lonely. I was hesitant and second guessing whether it was a good idea for quite awhile. Brandon, being the go getter that he is, decided on a whim last Friday night that we should make a trip the the Humane Society. You would think that I would have learned by now that the HS is a dangerous place to go. I am a crazy animal lover and especially a cat lover. I always feel so bad for all the sweet kitties locked up in those little tiny rooms.

Long story short, we adopted another cat! His name is Tucker and he is an orange and white, year and a half year old. We looked around a bunch, saw a bunch of cute cats but none of them really stood out to us. However, when we walked past Tucker's room, he ran to the door and demanded our attention. We could hear his distinct meows and cries (which he does in the middle of the night) through the door. We knew immediately that we had to wash up and go into the room and see him. He jumped on Brandon's lap and started purring instantly. I then picked him up and he just flopped into my arms and reached his paws up to my face. It was love at first sight! Also, it clearly doesn't take much to win me over ;)

Also, some fun facts for you. Tucker's name was "Cheeks" when we adopted him. Just like Maggie's name was "Aggie", seriously people. Who picks these names? Additionally, I thought Tuck was dying the first few days after we got him. He puked A LOT all over the floor and made weird noises (which we have since learned is normal for him). He likes to sleep in the smallest, coziest spots. Like the shoe organizer in our closet or the t.v. stand shelf. He is a beggar and especially loves milk. He purrs almost constantly.

We are so happy with our newest addition. Maggie is still adjusting but I just keep telling her that she's still my favourite and will always be. Now for some adorable pictures of my newest little love!

Welcome to the family Tucker. You are so sweet, loving, playful, and adorable. We love you so much already!

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