Friday, 11 July 2014

Five on Friday

So, life has been pretty hectic lately. But isn't it always? My job takes a lot out of me, even though I am only working 30 hours a week. However, when you chase kids around for 6-9 hours a day and have to rush all over the city from event to event. It wears you down. I am so thankful for weekends off!

Today, I thought I would blog about 5 things that made my week great. It is always important to stop during all the craziness of life and be thankful for those wonderful moments in life.

 My sweet little kitties. They will always make my days and weeks better. Even though they sometimes drive me crazy (like when Tuck pawed my egg off my breakfast plate this morning). There cuddles and loving will always make up for it though! I just love these two soooo much.

 Working out. I love pushing my body to new limits and seeing it transform. I have always had body issues and I never used to think I was beautiful but that has changed. I feel strong and capable of anything.

Playing cards on the patio with Brandon. We do this almost every night and it's my favourite thing. Last night I had some tea, we listened to music, and we played cards. I know, it's like we are 80 years old or something.

Healthy, delicious food. Brandon made me this salad for supper one day this week and dear lord, it was AMAZING! Garden lettuce, beets, bacon, goat cheese, onions, cucumber, peppers, and vidalia onion dressing. Brandon usually makes supper and I am so thankful... he's an amazing cook!

Last but not least, I am excited for our date night tonight. I think we will go see 22 Jumpstreet at the VIP theatre tonight. Brandon has a scene mastercard and we have 10ish free movies. I am so excited for movie theatre popcorn and to spend time with my love! :)

Sometimes, my heart is so full of excitement, love, and thankfulness I think it could burst. Summer, you are my favourite. 

Happy weekend everyone!
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