Monday, 26 January 2015

Sick days

So unfortunately I have had a nasty cold since last Thursday. I felt it coming all last week and it hit with a vengeance on Thursday. I had already volunteered to babysit two kidlets on Saturday and Sunday, so it's just my luck to get sick right before. Brandon had a bowling tournament all weekend and I looked after two of our friends kids. Saturday I took them to the indoor water park and Sunday we were lazy and spent the day watching movies (thank goodness). Kids are so exhausting especially when you're sick and that folks is why I'm not ready to add kids to the mix anytime soon (sorry mom!). 

I'm also home from work today because of this sickness. I'm stuffed up, running nose, sore throat, major cough and no energy. At first I was super annoyed because I like being productive and I have goals and plans to work towards. But obviously my body needs some rest and relaxation, so I must oblige. I have watched endless hours of tv, drank copious amounts of tea&honey, and had so many sweet kitty cuddles. I'm hoping this is a winning combination and that I start to feel better asap!

Here's to a healthier week ahead! :)

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