Monday, 19 January 2015

Weekends are for...

Sometimes, weekends are just perfect. We had a weekend full of relaxing & being productive and I loved it. I am ready to tackle this next week and hopefully stick with my goals for 2015.

+staying up late and sleeping in
+watching endless hours of HGTV
+ drinking your morning coffee curled up under a blanket on the couch
+ endless kitty cuddles

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Mr. Tucker, he's such a big baby
+ taking advantage of the +1 degree weather and taking down Christmas lights
+ taking Ben (we're dog sitting) on walks
+ reorganizing & cleaning
+ lots of time spent with my love
+ hanging out & catching up with family
+ eating delicious breakfasts
+ green smoothies full of spinach & fruit :)

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Delicious green smoothie!
+ daydreaming about future home updates
+ planning out workouts and meal plans for the week to come
+ browsing Pinterest & thinking up projects to tackle
+ bowling tournaments against my own will ;)
+ relaxing & recharging
+ being active and moving as much as possible

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On Saturday, all before 5 p.n. I was tired!

Happy Monday! Make this week a great one :)

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