Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Alberta Bound

So my blogging is still quite sporadic but I'm surprised that I have blogged even 3 times this month. It's definitely not a lack of ideas or content, it's just that summer is always such a busy time. Anyways, today I thought I would share the rest of the photos and details about our trip to Alberta which started with Brandon proposing to me on the Saturday. Be forwarned, this is a photo heavy post. There are just so many beautiful views and memories and I don't want to forget any of the details :)

The following day, we woke up and used the soaker tub again (it was heaven!). Then we headed downstairs for our complimentary breakfast which consisted of a breakfast wrap, yogurt with granola, fresh fruit, orange juice, and coffee. I would definitely stay at that Bed & Breakfast again! We then packed up our car and one of our good friends from high school Laurel and her boyfriend Nikita drove out from Calgary and met us for a day of hiking. We decided to hike Johnston Canyon and all the way to the ink pots which was about 14-15 km round trip. Not to mention that it was at least 32 degrees and it was our first full day adjusting to the altitude. Only a couple kilometres into the trek, Brandon stumbled and sprained his ankle. He has really sensitive ankles that he has sprained multiple times before but he was a trooper and hiked the rest of the way. My lungs hated me and I think I got minor heat stroke but the views were definitely worth it!

After the long, hot hike we were all starving so we decided to head back into Canmore to grab some grub from the Bear Paw Pub. We all had delicious burgers! Then Laurel & Nikita hit the road back to Calgary and we went to check into our campsite which was right by Johnston Canyon.

On Monday, we decided to go into Banff and tour around. On our drive into Banff we saw some bighorn sheep only about 5 feet away from the car and we also stopped at many scenic stops to take photos and take in the view. Once we got into Banff, we drove around and found Tunnel Mountain. Even thought Brandon's ankle was swollen & sore and our bodies were aching from the previous day of  hiking, we decided to hike this short but extremely steep mountain... in sandals. Sometimes I wonder why we don't think things over before we commit to it lol. It had beautiful, panoramic views of the town of Banff and the golf course. We then hit up Central Parc for a picnic style lunch before walking around and browsing through some of the stores. We hit up Second Cup for some coffee and to charge our phones and use free wifi. We then went back to the campsite where we saw a black bear right along the road into our campsite!!!! We made supper and relaxed around the campsite and fire for the rest of the night.

Brandon icing his sprained ankle

My handsome fiance ;)

The river right by our campite :)

Hopefully I can wrap up the rest of the trip in my next post! :)

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