Friday, 28 August 2015

Birthday Weekend

Helllllllo Friday, I sure do love you! :)

So my family has always made fun of me for proclaiming once or twice, "it's my birthday week, I shouldn't have to work". Obviously this statement came out of my mouth when I was still a teenager working my summer jobs because guess what? I had to work this year during my "birthday week" lol. However, I am thankful that my birthday falls on a weekend so that we can celebrate me all weekend (I know how thrilled Brandon is about this haha). Tonight we are going with my friend Danielle to a barbecue at a local nursery and tomorrow we are heading into Winnipeg to hit up the St.Nortbert Farmer's Market with my sister and one of our friends(yay!), do some shopping(finally), and maybe go to a free movie! Sunday is my actual birthday and so far we don't have many plans but hopefully just a relaxing, fun day with my love and our kitties. It's supposed to be a hot weekend, so I will soak it all in :)

Anyways, I just wanted to touch on a few highlights from this past week that made the week so much better.

#1. Long walks along the crescent with Brandon. The weather has been cooling down a bit and almost every night we lace up our sneakers and head out on long walks. Sarah (Brandon's sister) stayed with us Wednesday night and we even talked her into going for a walk after supper.  It has amazing views for such a small Prairie town and it's the perfect way to spend summer nights! :)

#2. Week night adventures! Our friends Danielle & Kristin invited us to go to Delta Beach with them. It's only about 20 minutes away but somehow we had never been there before. Luckily we went early enough to catch the sun before it disappeared into the haze. It was lots of fun watching their dog splash around in the water and was the perfect way to spend a Thursday night.

#3. On Wednesday this week, I woke up feeling less than ideal. I hopped into the shower anyways to avoid being late for work. However, I was so dizzy and nauseous that I kept having to sit down and close my eyes while getting ready. I decided it was best to text my boss and crawl back into bed. Thankfully, I had my two sweet munchkins to cuddle me and make me feel better.

Side note: they sleep like this ALL the time!
 #4. The silly, crazy antics of Brandon and our sweet kitties. Brandon truly is one of the goofiest, happiest people that I know (most of the time). Even when I'm in a bad mood, Brandon knows how to put a smile on my face. He is also clearly loved by our kitties... Tucker is always giving him kisses.

#5. Hanging out with friends. Even though I am usually anti-social, I have enjoyed meeting up with my friend Danielle once in awhile for walks along the crescent. We both pulled out our phones when we saw the pretty cotton candy sky.

Looking over moments from our last week makes me so grateful for the life we live and the people we have in our lives. Life truly is about the small, insignificant moments.

Here's to a wonderful weekend! :)

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