Sunday, 26 May 2013

Life currently...

So it's official. I am a horrible blogger! I haven't posted in weeks and I haven't kept up with my favourite blogs for even longer. Life has been pretty hectic lately. I have been trying to get adjusted to waking up at 6 a.m. and working long hours doing hard labour. Let me tell you... it's been a hard transition for me. At the same time, I am still trying to get my life organized and sort through all my junk so I can live in a relaxing, clutter free room. I feel like I am finally getting back in to a routine and I am hoping to get back to do more things I enjoy ASAP. The number one thing on that list is blogging followed by working out, reading, and watching my favourite tv shows. I had lost my laptop for a few weeks after the move and I honestly rarely ever log on to the computer or turn on the tv. It's been a nice little break, but I am excited to get back into the swing of things now! I have lots to share with you and I have many projects up my sleeves, so I am excited :) Enjoy my nice little photo dump followed by what I am up to currently!

Titan begging Brandon for a skittle.
Chillin' with the cows.

I could happily live in a greenhouse. So peaceful & beautiful.

Cat naps.

My lover.

Sweet Miss Maggie. She loves country livin'.

Mmm margaritas!

Titan's cute eyes.

Beautiful country sunset.

Finally starting to get organized. Both jewelery displays handmade by Brandon!

Current Book(s): Honestly haven't picked up a book in over a month. But like I said, I am going to start reading ASAP. I miss getting lost in a good book!

Current Music: I am really loving all country music lately. Something about summer time screams country tunes to me!
Current Guilty Pleasure: MARGARITAS! I am loving them lately. Brandon made an amazing mango blueberry one last weekend and my mind was blown. Combine margaritas with a hot tub and I am a happy girl!
Current Nail Color: They aren't painted but that's on my "to do" list. Maybe purple & sparkly!
Current Drink: Lately I have been trying to up my water intake and I also drink too much coffee too. 6 a.m. mornings really kill me!
Current Food: I just finished eating some delicious leftover chinese food. Mmmm chicken balls!

Current Favorite Show:  I love New Girl and The Voice. I will also admit that I am looking forward to The Bachelorette starting tomorrow (I know, I should be ashamed).
Current Wish List: Not too much. I think I got my shopping itch over with when I shopped till I dropped in Fargo.

Current Needs: Willpower and patience. I REALLY need to start jogging & working out consistently again since our 5k is in less than 2 months. As well, I need to learn how to be more patient, flexible, and less angry. Life is short and I often let little insignificant things get the best of me.
Current Indulgence: I'm loving dark chocolate and mango sparkling soda lately.

Current Blessing:  So so much. My loving boyfriend, my close-knit family, my sweet pets, money in my bank account, good paying job, new friends, and endless oppportunities.
Current Outfit: Yoga capris, striped tee & feather earrings. Chill sunday outfit.
Current Excitement: I'm not too sure. I am excited to finally get my butt in gear and start working out so I can feel better about my self again! Also, I am excited for Brandon who leaves tomorrow morning for Newfoundland to bowl in Nationals. I know he will kick butt and I am jealous at the same time, since I wish I could travel with him!
Anyways, I better log off and continue having a productive yet relaxing Sunday! I really do promise to get back in to blogging but thank you to everyone who has stuck around through this slump.
What are you excited to do this summer?
Do you have a favourite tv show that I should be watching?
I hope you all have a fabulous week! :)

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