Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I am a university graduate.

Happy hump day everyone! ;)

Something super exciting happened yesterday, I received my degree in the mail! I am a university graduate... I cant believe it!

I feel like it was just yesterday that I graduated from high school but somehow I earned my bachelor of arts already. In a way, I was a bit disappointed that I cant have a "bachelor of kinesiology". My university just upgraded the kin department last year allowing for a faculty of kinesiology officially. Meaning that since I had already completed 2 years of my degree and I couldn't get a bachelor of kin technically. However its all good since my major is declared as kinesiology. Also, I still consider myself a "kinesiology", it sounds fancy eh?

Anyways, the feeling I got yesterday... an overwhelming feeling of pride and joy was unbelievable. It makes all those days of immense stress and pressure worth it. It makes those days stuffed full of paper writing, textbook reading, assignment doing, and too many group projects worth it!

There were many times I wanted to quit. Many times I doubted my abilities and struggled to keep afloat. Days that I just wanted to be a kid again and not grow up. But I am thankful that I stuck with it. It is an accomplishment that can never be taken away from me. I will frame it and I will cherish it! Here's to hoping I have a masters degree to frame beside it in a few short years!  :)

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