Friday, 28 February 2014


happy {blooming} weekend !

I always love reading other blogger's "currently" posts and it's been awhile since I've wrote one, so I thought what the heck. Plus, I like to keep track of all the things I've been up to so I can look back and remember the amazing books I read or the things I am excited about during that time!

reading: I am STILL waiting for Allegiant but Brandon is taking forever to finish it hehe. However, I just finished reading Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand and now I am reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I cannot get enough of reading lately! I love reading on my lunch breaks, in the bath tub, and before bed especially :)

eating: to be honest, I have been craving naughty foods a lot lately. Last night it was mini eggs and 5cent candies and today I was craving chocolate timbits and poutine. However, I've been pretty good about controlling my cravings and so far have not given into those desires. Also, I made this amazing taco soup this week and it is to die for!

loving: HIIT workouts, coffee, sleeping in, time spent with Brandon, Farm Heroes (how embarassing), and the chance for new opportunities!

watching: Hart of Dixie! I haven't watched it since Season 3 started up and I have been binge watching it while I am staying in town where there is wifi. It's one of those shows that I can't get enough of like Heartland, One Tree Hill, and New Girl (which I also need to catch up on).

looking forward to: finding out about an interview for Occupational, the possibility of job shadowing an OT in the near future, a possible second part time job at a greenhouse, and NICE WEATHER! The weather is so brutal in Manitoba right now, tomorrow is March and I just heard on the radio that we are not supposed to get above zero until April. I need to catch a plane to Mexico stat!

thinking about: how I am excited for a lazy, relaxing weekend with Brandon. Possibly have a date night or supper with one of our best friends, watch some movies/shows, play games, cook, and just hang out.

Here's to a great weekend and happy March everyone! :)

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  1. Awesome! Glad to see the greenhouse thing may work out for you! :)


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