Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Life Lately...

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I must admit that blogging has taken a back burner lately in my life. To be honest, I was considering deleting this blog all together. However, I enjoy looking back on my posts and reliving moments or memories that I would of otherwise forgot about. The main reason why I started blogging is so that I would have an outlet to express myself, to connect with others, and to share ideas, projects and thoughts. It really shouldn't matter how many people read it or what people think of my blog, cause it's something I enjoy doing. It is hard to keep up with it since my internet at home sucks and I was really busy for the past few months. So we will see what happens with this blog over the next few months.

Anyways, I thought I would write an update on what's new in my life lately. It feels like January and February just flew by and I can't believe it's almost March. It may be because I was working 5-6 days a week 40+ hours. However, now I am primarily only working at my one job (2 days a week) which isn't really enough. I feel like there is no happy medium. I took a year off from school so I could work and save up, so I just wish that I could be working more but it's not the end of the world. This week, I am only working Monday and Wednesday and I am kind of at a loss for what to spend my days doing. I enjoy being productive and busy. I got into a routine of working all day and finding time to accomplish stuff at night such as working out.

To be honest, I am hoping that the next couple months fly by as well. I applied for the Masters program in Occupational Therapy for this upcoming August. I find out if I get an interview at the end of March and the interview will be in April. I am getting impatient and just want to know what I will be up to come fall time. If I don't get into OT, I need to have another plan in place which is stressful. I never knew that being an adult would come with so many tough decisions, too much stress for me to handle. 

It is tough for me not having a plan in place and not knowing what is happening in my future. Brandon just got a promotion at work which gives him full time employment at a higher rate of pay in a stable position. I am very excited for him and proud of him, however it may mean that he is unable to move with me for my schooling! If anything, I hope these next few months teach me a bit about patience and just trusting in the process. Trust that things will work out whether I do or don't get into school. It's honestly so hard for me to just let go and have faith that things will work out. Over the next couple months, I will try my best to enjoy a bit more down time and do things that I have been putting off since I was busy before.

Also, it's February 25th and it's still -25 degrees and snowy in Manitoba. To say I'm over winter, would be an understatement. I cannot wait until spring!!

I'm done rambling now and I'm off to get in a good sweat session to relieve some of this stress. I hope you all have a great rest of your week! :)

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