Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Finding Contentment

Keep trying. Be believing. Be happy. Don’t get discouraged. Everything will work out.Over the past year, everything in my life has been kind of up in the air. It took me a long time to transition from being a full time student into being a full time employee and now finally a part time employee. This past year has been odd for me and hard for me to ever get adjusted. However, when I decided to live at home for this past year, I knew I wanted to get my health back in order.
Throughout university, it was tremendously hard to find time to get all my school and volunteer work done, nevermind exercise. Occasionally I would workout with Sarah or go for a jog (fall and spring) but was never consistent. My body image and self esteem quickly plummeted. I feel jiggly, unfit, and generally unhappy when I looked in the mirror. I let the pounds creep on and it quickly started to effect me mentally.
Considering how much I have struggled with my weight and self esteem throughout my life, I knew I had to make my health a priority again. For the first month, I hated exercising and I would dread it all day. But I made myself do it and stick with it even when I had no desire. I always felt SO good after I worked out. I quickly sensed my body changing,  getting stronger and fitter. My mental state rapidly changed as well. I can finally look in the mirror and feel proud and much more fit.
I have only lost 5 lbs since I began this journey last fall but I have also gained a lot of muscle. My main goal isn't to be super skinny but rather to be fit, strong, happy, and healthy. To push my body to its limits, to keep improving and challenging myself, and to always do my best. I am a much happier and more positive person when I have my health in check. When I focus on nourishing and caring for my body.
Some days I get frustrated and wish that I could drop more weight or workout longer or burn more calories. I have to keep reminding myself that this is MY journey and it will be a lot different from other peoples. My metabolism is slow, therefore it makes it a lot harder for me to lose weight and I have to make sure my diet is always on point. However, I am making time for exercise and I am focusing more on what I put into my body and that's all that matters.
 Im writing this to remind myself (and you!) that no one is perfect. All we can do is choose to love ourselves enough to allow for failure to happen and have the determination to get right back up and keep on pushing through. The rewards are much greater than the risks, stay focused and committed. Be content and satisfied with who you are and always be the best you possible every single day.
Happy hump day everyone! ;)

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