Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Something Brandon and I have loved about living where we do in Winnipeg these past few months, is our nightly walks down by the river. Our neighborhood is so quiet, family friendly, and actually quite scenic. We usually walk through the neighborhood, down along side the river, around the community vegetable gardens, and loop through the trailer courts. Last night, we saw beautiful views of the river with fall colored trees lining the shore. We saw half-harvested veggie gardens, and happy little bunnies munching away on peoples lawns. I really was quite hesitant about agreeing to live on the outskirts of Winnipeg when we moved back in May, but I am so glad that we decided to live where we do. We wouldn't be getting these kinds of views if we were closer to the core of the city. So although we are moving in 3 weeks, I want to cherish these memories. This summer was challenging in many ways for me but it is always important to document and remember those moments that made all those hard moments worth while.

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