Monday, 13 January 2014



Watching... Brandon and I just finished watching Orange is the New Black. Its such a unique and interesting show, cant wait for the second season! Also watching Biggest Loser and Heartland. I need to catch up on New Girl and Hart of Dixie though.

Listening to... I've been loving listening to cbc radio on my way to and from work. Its mostly indie/folk type music and it soothes me!

Loving... TARGET! Its a bit of a problem. But I got the nicest purse there for half off and I also got a sports bra and two regular bras for a crazy price. Now I must refrain from shopping for a long time!

Eating... I've been craving healthy foods. Love making smoothies for breakfast or snack and I add in kale/spinach for an extra boost :)

Reading... I have been really into reading lately I read Sisterhood Everlasting, the follow up to Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants books. Right now I'm reading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks and I'm going to start Divergent soon too! :)

Looking forward to... finally sending off my application for occupational therapy and continuing to push myself physically. I love how my body is changing!  :)

So far 2014 has been great! I have really committed to my health and fitness this year. Im going to try and go dairy free for a month and see if my acne clears up! :)

What are you currently up to? I hope your 2014 is off to a great start like mine! :)

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