Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am going to share a few things I am thankful for. There are many things in life that are frustrating, annoying, and simply out of our control. Yet we so often let those unfortunate things bring us down. I get it, sometimes life sucks and you don't want to get out of bed. Sometimes a storm hits and you feel buried under a 10 foot pile of snow. But that is life, you just have to get up and move on.

So today, I will appreciate all the little things such as...

1. An intense workout that leaves you feeling that fiery burning feeling in your muscles. Lately, I thrive off of a good burn, I pride myself in pushing past my limits, and sweating makes me feel much more like myself. Last night, Brandon pushed me to hold a leg hover for WAY longer than I thought I could. When the move came up in my workout, I simply exclaimed " I CAN'T DO THAT!". Brandon proved to me that I could and that I really need to change my "I can't" attitude to an "I can" attitude. One of the reasons why I love him so dearly.

2. Enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea while reading. I have lately become addicted to reading again. All I want to do all day long is read. I'm currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. It's similar to the Hunger Games, so I'm sure I will have it done in no time! :)

3. Snow days. I knew that as soon as my parents boarded a plane to Jamaica, that the awful weather would hit and boy was I right. I missed worked yesterday and today because of the 90 km/h winds, snow, and freezing rain. I'm thankful for understanding bosses and time at home to get tasks accomplished.

4. My family. My family is dysfunctional, crazy, and sometimes too much to handle but I really do appreciate all the members of my family. I appreciate my cousin who Facebooks me just to tell me that she's around if I need anything and I'm thankful for my grandma who calls just because she's worried about me

5. Healthy food. Lately, all I am craving is fresh, delicious foods. I made a "green smoothie" the other week and I LOVED it! I have been considering trying an alternative diet such as going dairy or meat free for awhile (only a month or two), just to see how my body reacts. We will see if I follow through with this plan or not.

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