Friday, 31 January 2014

February Goals

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of January, that blows my mind. This month I have been very busy working away and saving money. This week for example, I am working 6 days. It's good for my bank account but it just drains me of all my energy. Even though I've been working lots, I have been keeping up with exercising and eating semi healthy.

I thought I would make some small February goals in order to keep myself accountable this month.

1.  Exercise 5 days a week. Every week. Even if I work lots or am tired or lazy, I must make myself.

2.  Drink 100 oz of water everyday. It gives me energy and prevents me from feeling achy and sluggish.

3. Read a book or my Kobo before bed instead of aimlessly browsing instagram, fb, twitter, and pinterest. I spend way too much time on my phone and reading helps put me to sleep.

4.  Do 5 small random acts of kindness. Some things I have in mind are paying someone's coffee, leaving money at a vending machine, writing notes of encouragement to post, etc.

5.  Leave my house 5-10 minutes earlier each morning. I've gotten into the bad habit of being late to work (my bosses dont care, but I do!). So I will vow to wake up when my alarm goes off and get going earlier.

Im determined to make February a great month. I love focusing on my health and well-being and I feel a lot better about myself when I'm active and eating well. I never weigh myself and I dont really care if I lose weight. However my pants are fitting looser and my body is feeling stronger,  so I am very happy! :)

Happy February (tomorrow) everyone! :)


  1. make me feel so guilty! These are all wonderful goals and I love anything by C.S. Lewis :)

    1. Don't feel guilty!! It's all about constantly trying to make yourself the best "you" possible :)


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