Friday, 8 January 2016

Fit Friday: Full Body Blast

TGIF! This week was a struggle for me. The week and a half off for Christmas really made me lazy and getting out of bed early to workout didn't happen once this week.. With that being said I did workout all 5 days and I reached my goal of 10,000 steps too, so I will call that a success! :) I am glad that it's Friday even though we don't have much planned for this week other than a gym date tomorrow and lots of relaxing!

Anyways, I've been teaching a Simply Fit class since September and I absolutely love it. It's a beginner's circuit class with usually around 3-4 participants. Most of which have some sort of injury such as shoulder impingement, knee pain, hip injury, diabetes, etc.  which provides a challenge when planning classes that everyone can do.

Today, I want to share the workout I put my participants through last night. We started with a dynamic warm up including butt kickers, overhead ab reaches, knee lifts, side steps, and bear hugs. For the workout, they performed each exercises for 45 seconds and rotating twice through the first two moves. So for example, squat hold with rear tap-hip lifts off bench-squat hold with rear tap-hip lifts off bench and then move on to the overhead tricep extensions, etc. You can choose whether you do cardio between each set or each circuit depending on how much time you have. Make sure to finish you workout with a cool-down and stretching!

Note: Always remember that form is more important than speed or # of repetitions. If you are unsure how to perform these exercises, a simple google search can help or ask me! :)

If you tried the workout, please let me know how you liked it! :)
Happy weekend everyone!

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