Monday, 25 January 2016

Weekend Love

This past weekend was definitely one for the books. Generally, I prefer low key weekends at  home with my love and our fur babies but once in awhile having plans is okay too. 

Friday morning view out our front window!
On Friday after work, Brandon and I quickly went home, packed our bags, and hit the road to Winnipeg. Brandon bowls every Friday night in Winnipeg but generally I stay home and unwind from a busy week. When we got to Winnipeg, I dropped Brandon off at the lanes and went to Stella's for supper with one of my best friends Jenna. Jenna and I have been friends forever (10 years?) and our friendship is just so easy and I love catching up with her! I enjoyed delicious veggie lasagna, caesar salad, and garlic toast. I then hit up the thrift store and Winner's before going to watch part of Brandon's bowling. We then hit the road to Pine Falls for one last visit with Sarah and Andrew before they move on February 1st to Neepawa. Unfortunately, our GPS took us a different way than normal and the roads were less than ideal. Thank goodness Brandon drove and we found the main highway, where the roads were much better! We made it to Pine Falls just before midnight. 

Saturday morning, we woke up around 9 and we ate a quick snack of yogurt, berries & granola and then we hit up the gym while Andrew slept. We got home around 11:30 and made a delicious brunch of bacon, eggs, hash-browns, and toast. Then we gave them their house warming gift a bit early. Brandon & I made a RCMP sign as a surprise for Andrew and now they will get to hang it in their new house!

We spent the afternoon relaxing, helping them pack, going for a walk, and then enjoying supper with Andrew before his night shift (he's an RCMP Officer). We spent the evening drinking wine, playing Settler's of Catan, and trying to build a bonfire.

Sunday morning, we woke up around 9 again and made breakfast together. We ate, visited some more and then hit the road home. We stopped in Winnipeg to stock up on groceries and then finally got home to snuggle our kitties. Around 4:30 we headed to our friends place for supper which was Olive Garden inspired. She made us Lasagna soup, salad, and bread-sticks followed by brownies & ice cream. To say I was stuffed would be an understatement! We had a really good visit and got smothered with doggy kisses & cuddles too. Win win!

It was a very busy weekend full of relaxing and spending time with people we love. I really am thankful for my Monday-Friday job, so I can soak up all the goodness that weekends offer!

Happy Monday, let's make this a wonderful week! :)

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