Thursday, 4 October 2012


I am beyond excited today because I am headed home for a 4 day weekend! :D It's only a 4 day weekend because I am skipping my class tomorrow but I don't care because it means one more day spent at home!

This weekend is Thanksgiving but also my boyfriends birthday! I am so excited to:

 hug and kiss and love on my Missy and Jinx
My sweet Missy.
Fat little Jinxy
 to spend time with my family

Ash, Mom, Dad, Me, Steph
celebrate my man turning 20 (finally)
Brandon and I last year.
 enjoy the farm in the fall
This is not my farm, but I will post pictures of my farm next week!
 eat ridiculous amounts of pumpkin pie
Mmmm delicious!
spend time with Brandon's family.
Left to right: his grandpa, me, Cathy, Dave, Ryan, Sarah, and his Grandma
Sarah, Brandon, Ryan and I.
 I am going to try my best to let my stress go, focus less on school work, and try to unwind and relax. My home is by far my favourite place. I grew up on a farm, with a really close knit family and I consider myself to be extremely lucky and I miss it like crazy when I'm in the city.

Only 1 more hour until we hit the road, hopefully this snow (yes, snow on October 4th) won't delay us too much! :)

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