Friday, 26 October 2012

What the Funk

Lately, I am in such a funk. Not with anything in particular but just with life. I feel constantly sleepy, achy, and sore take today for example I napped for 1.5 hours but tonight I still feel under the weather a bit. I guess I have been fighting a cold for the past little while but it's really dragging me down. I don't have very much energy and I have zero motivation to do any type of school work, exercise, or anything productive (ie. house work, laundry, etc).  I also think it is just the time of the year, the weather is really cooling down and winter is right around the corner, which means long long months of cold and snow. Another thing that is kind of weighing me down is the fact that I am not doing as well as I hoped to in all of my courses. I got back my midterm marks and didn't do very well on my human physiology exam, even though I walked out feeling confident... so this is dragging down my mood. I know I just need to focus more and make more time to study and prepare for my finals but it's tough to stay motivated after "failing", atleast in my eyes.

I guess I just need to find a way to get out of this funk. I talked earlier this week about getting more active and eating better but since then I have devoured half a box of mini Halloween chocolate bars and only worked out once... so it is time to change my attitude. I need to pull myself out of this tough time and find things that make me happy and motivate me to do better and be better.

I am feeling pretty heavy lately and weighed down but it's time to let it go. It's time to just enjoy life and find ways to be happy!

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