Wednesday, 3 October 2012

So What Wednesday...

- so what if... I just wish it was Thursday at 4:30 so I could be on the road home!

- so what if... I am being way less productive than I hoped to be this week. I seem to be lacking in the motivation department.

- so what if... I have fallen off the workout bang wagon this past week or two. Partially because I am extremely sick and also because I feel like I don't have any extra time. (excuses, excuses)

- so what if... I am only a month into my 3rd year of school and I am already sick of school! Too many assignments, papers, and exams all at the same time... I need to breathe.

- so what if... I am spending more time looking through my favourite blogs today, rather than getting homework done. What a vicious cycle!

- so what if... I AM UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND! A 4 day weekend at home that will be filled with family time, celebrating my boyfriends birthday, hanging out with friends, delicious food, pumpkin pie, country walks, lots of picture taking, and snuggles with my Jinx and Missy. I am beyond pumped!

Now I just need to get done all my homework before I can have a stress free weekend. Wish me luck!

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