Friday, 12 October 2012

Leaving the country...

So today is the day that my big sis leaves the country and heads to Europe for an indefinite amount of time. Anywhere from 3-6 months is her time frame and she doesn't have any set plans for exactly where she is travelling, they will just fly by the seat of their pants. She's going with her best friend Katie and they get to explore and have the time of their lives! I am super excited for Ashley to leave but I will definitely miss her! Things in the next 3-6 months will be a lot different... It will be weird not having her in the same city as me to go thrifting or hang out and it will also be different to not have her around for Christmas holidays. My family is extremely close and my sisters are my friends, so it will be different having her so far away from us! I know that we can still connect through email, facebook, and skype, so hopefully that will make it easier. I hope that some day I can travel to beautiful places, live carefree, and get tons of new experiences under my belt... but for now I need to concentrate on school. Ash, please take tons of pictures and let me live vicariously through your adventures. Remember: to be safe, have fun, and remember us back home! I'LL MISS YOU!

Aunty Katherine, Ash, Steph, and I

Ash and Amanda (my cousin)

This picture cracks me up, so goofy!

Ash & I at my 18th birthday!

Yet another picture of my goofy sisters!

Steph, Me, Ash, and Mom at the Lady A concert!

Beside the Lady A tour bus!

Ash and her boyfriend, Andy.

The 3 sisters.

The whole big family!

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