Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May Long Weekend

This past weekend was amazing! Maggie and I met Brandon in Portage at 4:30 when he was off work and we all headed home for the weekend. Friday night, we had supper at my house and then went back into town to have a drink with our friend Sarah. She also lives in Winnipeg, so we all agreed we must make a better effort to see each other often.

Saturday morning, we woke up early (7:00 a.m, blah!) to help Brandon's grandparents get there garage sale organized and set up. We then hit up a few garage sales since it was the town wide garage sale day in Minnedosa. We didn't buy anything which is unheard of! Then we were off to Shoal Lake to Brandon's parents cabin to hang out for the day and night. We went for a long walk with Titan, tried to have a bonfire, played cards, had too many drinks, and taught his parents how to play beer pong! It was so much fun and a night I will never forget!

On Sunday, we woke up to breakfast already made by his parents. We ate and decided to go for another walk since the sun was shining! We talked for 1.5 hours and explored the whole cabin and campground area. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. Brandon and I then packed up our bags and hit the road back to my house for the night. We had supper with my parents, Auntie Heather, both my Grandma's and my cousin Amanda. We then spent the rest of the evening playing games with my parents!

Monday we ate breakfast and then packed up the car once again. We offered our friend Richard a ride back to the city, so we ended up having a jam packed car but it all worked out.

Basically, this past weekend was the perfect mix of relaxation, family time, and fun. It was nice to spend lots of time outdoors finally! I love being back in the city but it's always nice to visit home and family! :)

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