Tuesday, 27 May 2014


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All dressed up for my interview yesterday!
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"Hi Mommy! Look how cute I am. Please cuddle me!"
enjoying:  kitty cuddles (always), days full of sunshine, time spent with Brandon, & reading on the patio.

dreaming: about the future and what life will look like down the road.

loving: how my body craves exercise and forces me to do something active every day. Yay!

watching: too much HGTV.

reading: finally reading Allegiant and can't put it down!

thinking about:  how messy our apartment is and how I have no desire to clean it.

drinking: copious amounts of tea and water since I'm sick. Boo!

running: and exploring our new neighborhood.

painting:  I need to paint our t.v. stand and coffee table but I'm struggling to decide what colour to use!

craving: not too much. being sick takes away my appetite.

listening to:  the t.v. in the background and the birds chirping outside.

missing: already missing Brandon. He's gone today until Sunday for bowling nationals!

feeling:  gross cause of this darn cold, excited to go home on Thursday, & glad that the sun is shining!

Now I'm off to have a lazy day in hopes of getting rid of this nasty cold. Have a great Tuesday! :)

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