Saturday, 3 May 2014

New Beginning!

Brandon left a surprise for Maggie & I when we arrived at our new apartment! :)
Well well, it has been awhile since I paid any attention to this little bog of mine! I know I have been saying it a lot lately but life has been crazy and hectic. It is wild how quickly life and plans can change. One second I was happily working at the Research Station and hoping to get accepted into the Masters program in Occupation Therapy and the next second Brandon gets his dream job and we're moving to Winnipeg.

Thankfully, we found a great, reasonably priced apartment in the ideal location. We are so excited to be living together in our own space finally! We are adjusting to living away from our parents with adult responsibilities like paying for rent and groceries haha! Brandon is loving his job and is excited about learning new things and getting adjusted to working somewhere that he enjoys. The driving will be an adjustment for him but the pay is worth it. I am currently job/school hunting and just trying to figure out what I would like to do with my future. I am looking into tons of different options and trying to keep a positive outlook about my future. 

I have a job interview on Tuesday with Sport Manitoba for a summer position. I'm also looking into Massage Therapy school. It seems like a career I would really enjoy and I talked to a good friend from high school who is currently a massage therapy and she got me even more excited about it! We will see what happens. There have been lots of unexpected things happen in my life lately but I am excited for the opportunities to come in the future! Over the past month, I have really learned to go with the flow more and just appreciate the chaos and confusion because better things are right around the corner!

Since I now have internet in our apartment, I plan to blog more often again! Maybe share some photos of our cute little apartment.

Here is to the future & new beginnings! Happy weekend everyone :)

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