Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Letters...

Gingerbread train!
Christmas tree & cuddling kitties.

A little snowman action.

Decorations to make the basement more festive!

Just realized the star is leaning

Dear holidays, please hurry up and get here! Only 1 week left and I can barely contain my excitement! Dear boyfriend, I appreciate everything you do for me & I hope we get to hang out a bit this weekend in between work and studying. Dear Cleo, please refrain from indulging in Maggie's food in the middle of the night and then barfing it up at 6 in the morning. I have yet to fall back asleep since you woke me up! Dear bank account, you cause me way too much anxiety. I hope you can handle Christmas this year! Dear bed, get ready for me because once this blog post is published I am coming for ya. Time to get the few hours of sleep I missed this morning before studying! Dear weekend, I do love you. However, I have to spend all weekend studying so please go by quickly!


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