Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The end is almost in sight

The title of this post is quite fitting. Exam period for me always makes it seem like time is moving soooo super slowly. I mean I feel like the days drag on and on and that I will never truly get to be done with exams, but eventually it does happen. I can't wait for next Friday at approximately 4 p.m. when I will be done with thinking, studying, preparing, cramming, and stressing over my exams! I will be FREE! Free to go Christmas shopping, to do nothing and not feel bad about it, to catch up on my favourite shows, to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, to finally go home for the holidays, and to drink copious amounts of alcohol (oh wait, I already do that). I have discovered that stress drives me to want to drink and I have never had very good self control, so drinking is what I have been doing. I have made a few trips to the Liquor Store in the past weeks and it is already time to stock up again... exams please end soon or I will need to attend AA meetings!

I wrote my first exam yesterday afternoon and I just got home from writing my 2nd exam. Now I have a week until my next exam to "prepare" so I hope I can stay focused and motivated. I have my Nutrition exam next Wednesday, followed by my Sport in the Ancient World (barf!) exam on Thursday, and then I have two Human Physiology exams next Friday. Tonight I am watching a show or two, having a Mike's Hard, and relaxing because I deserve it. Cheers to an end that is near but yet so far away!
This is definitely my motto. When in doubt, have a drink!

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