Wednesday, 12 December 2012


So What Wednesday...

Believe me, I have a lot to say "so what" to this week. It's been a rough one...

- so what if I am currently updating my blog instead of studying.

- so what if I have always been against getting twitter. I would say "it's so pointless" or "it's just another social media fad", but now I really want a twitter!

- so what if my house is a pig stye. I mean super gross and unorganized! Dishes haven't been done in a few days, laundry hasn't been touched in a few weeks, etc. I will deal with it this weekend!

- so what if I keep procrastinating from studying by thinking up Christmas gift ideas or browsing blogs or finding DIY projects on pinterest. #examscansuckit (see I really want twitter)

-so what if Christmas is only 13 days away and I have yet to buy any gifts.

- so what if I am really broke, yet I want to pay someone to custom design my blog for me.

At this point, I really need a bottle glass of wine! Come on Friday, why do you have to come so slowly?

Mags & I. She's my little study buddy :)

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  1. Ok 2 things to say...

    1. You got bangs!!! I like :)
    2. I READ YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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