Thursday, 6 December 2012

I'm no longer greedy.

So my mom texted me yesterday asking what "big" present I wanted for Christmas this year. I messaged back and told her that I had no idea but that I would try to rack my brain over the next couple days. Last night, I browsed pinterest and even googled "awesome christmas gifts 2012" and I am still drawing a blank. I mean, overall this year, my Christmas list is very pitiful compared to other years. I mean in the past (especially high school), my list was huge and people never had a problem buying me gifts... I look back now and realize I was greedy. I was always wanting something new or better or something that all the kids at school would be amazed by and now, I felt content.

I know there are things that I would love for Christmas but they are smaller things than usual. I am okay with just getting a few small gifts this year because quite simply, I don't "need" many things. I am fortunate to be able to go out and buy things for myself (even though I am a poor student living off a student loan). People, if you can give me suggestions for things I may not be able to buy myself or just fail to purchase myself, fire away! I need some help. 

My list right now includes:

Infinity scarf. Any colour.

Cute headband

Preferably in teal, maroon, or purple.

Loose leaf tea. Any kind.

Workout dvds. Biggest loser or others!

Along with other things that always show up on my list like a new purse, workout equipment, nail polish, girly movies, books, jewelry, etc :)

Only 1 week left until I'm done finals and on Christmas break! :D

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