Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Ever since I graduated from high school, friendships haven't necessarily come easily to me. I mean I still talk to my high school friends and we get together a few times a year when we all have time but it's definitely not how I pictured it would be. I always thought that after high school, I would still be super close with my friends from high school. However sadly, this isn't true at all. I love my high school friends and I appreciate the time I do get to spend with them but it's not the same.

Me, Jen, Dallas, Kendra
Kendra, Dallas, Sarah, Jen, Me.
Back: Mike, Megan, Kendra, Sarah, Me, Brandon Front: Laurel and Brendan
I've been thinking lately about how I crave new friendships and finding people I can become close with again and spend lots of time with. I miss having girl nights with my friends from high school where we painted our nails, watched movies, talked about boys, ate lots of junk food, and laughed a lot! I miss having people I text daily or friends I can confide my deepest, darkest secrets in.

Right now, you may be thinking "awh poor Kerri, she has no friends" but this simply isn't the case. Obviously I have figured out along the way who actually cares about me and who deserves my time and attention and this means that my friends have slowly dwindled. I know that this is normal in life and that I will start to acquire new friendships... but I crave that in my life now. Through University and moving to Winnipeg, I have met a lot of new people and I have a lot of people in my life I care about but I hope this pool of people continues to grow. I really desire a close knit group of friends, possibly even a group of couple friends that Brandon and I can hang out with and double date with. It would also be nice to have people in my life that I can go for coffee with or go shopping or catch a movie or even just hang out and talk.

With this being said, I have one friend in particular who I have been close with for many many years. Her name is Jenna and I met her through my best friend in high school. She lives in Winnipeg which is a bonus and I could easily call her my best friend. We have had a lot of great times together and she holds a dear place in my heart. One downfall, she works full time and she also has a serious boyfriend so that means we see each other A LOT less than I would like. I know we will be best friends for a long time, but that doesn't mean I can't expand my group of friends.

Jenna and I being goofy per usual!
Terrible picture but it shows out height difference
Whitney, Me, and Jenna
 I just thought I would get that off my chest and hopefully it will help ease my mind. I feel like it is super hard to make new friendships when you're in the "real world"... it almost feels like a job. But I know that it will happen when it's supposed to and in the mean time, I am so thankful for all of those other relationships I have. Whether they are new friends (I'm talking to you Danielle and Brittany) or people I am simply acquaintances with, I really do cherish these relationships deeply. I just hope that one day, I can have a handful of close friends that I can be my self around and who I confide everything in. Please tell me this will happen eventually or am I doomed to spending every spare second (that Brandon isn't around) by myself? Does anyone else feel the same way as I do? Please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. Awwww :) And yes it will happen eventually! It didn't really happen for me until 2nd year of uni when I met Brittany and with her I can definitely be myself and she knows absolutely everything :) I also think that the friends you make in uni last for a very long time as you all experience that period of your life together and we have somewhat matured (I hope!)

  2. Aw, you two are too kind. ;) Thanks, guys!

    The problem with this stage in life, I find, is that everyone is kept so busy with school, work, relationships, etc., that an actual lengthy conversation with a friend becomes something that has to be penciled into an already overloaded schedule. And planning a visit is even harder! I have pretty much lost contact with like...every one of my friends (except for Danielle, of course!), but it's not because I wanted to get rid of them or anything. It just sucks that whenever there is an opportunity to socialize, we know there's something else we're supposed to be doing.

    But, my belief is that it goes in cycles. In high school, we were able to find time because we didn't have nearly as much homework as we do in university. In university, we can't find the time. When we have our careers, we will have time again, and when we are starting our families, we won't.

    Haha, I hope this is making sense. I have gotten distracted like...5 times while I was writing this. Anyway, I don't think all hope is lost, and summer will bring more freedom and spare time to nurture our friendships, new or old!

  3. P.S.- I like Dylan's random cameo in your pictures. Hahaha.


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