Friday, 15 February 2013

V-Day Recap & Fit Friday #5

all my gifts/ cute plant/ dark chocolate pomegranates & book/ heart nails
Valentine's Day is a rather cliche holiday however, that doesn't stop me from enjoying it. I don't mind an excuse to love on my man. We exchanged gifts on Wednesday night because we were both too excited to wait. Brandon bought me beautiful flowers, a cute plant, a Jodi Picoult book, lots of chocolate and he made me chocolate covered strawberries :) He definitely knows the way to my heart, those are all my favourite things! I made him a card and Reese peanut butter cup cookies (his favourite) and bought him some other treats. It is really hard to think of creative ideas for male presents but I think he enjoyed all his treats none the less. I had 2 midterms yesterday and Brandon worked until 5, so when he got home from work we decided to go out for sushi and then went to the movies and saw Identity Theft. Usually I make Brandon go to the newest chick flick with me on v-day (this year it would be of been Safe Haven) but I decided it was his turn to choose the movie! It was hilarious and I definitely wasn't upset over changing things up. We then came home and were in bed by 10:30, we are 20 going on 80 over here.

Fitness Update
This past weekend, I hit the workouts hard and amped up my biggest loser workouts to level 2. I must admit I have never tried level 2, so it was exciting to know that I could complete it successfully. However, this week I actually had a bit of a social life and I also had 2 midterms to study for so I haven't worked out since Monday. Tuesday Brandon and I went to Rumour's Comedy Club and treated ourselves to a drink and dessert. Mmm, turtles cheesecake and creme brulee! It was delicious and fun. Then Wednesday I was cramming for my exams and Thursday was Valentine's Day. I admit I consumed way too many treats and chocolates this week and I can definitely tell. I feel more sluggish and have had a headache since yesterday. Also I have had a toothache/sore jaw all week, so I think I better hit up the dentist sometime soon. Pretty sure it's been over 2 years ha. I will get back on track starting now! I am motivated to keep going because my fitness has been improving. For example, I can now hold a plank for 30+ seconds, I can do 100+ jumping jacks compared to around 30 when I first started, and I switched from 5 lb weights to 8 lb weights. The changes excite and motivate me to keep going! :)

Reading Week
As of today, I am on reading week! I am heading home today to spend the week with my family. My sister Stephanie is coming home from Saskatoon today too and then my other sister Ashley is coming home from Europe next Friday! I haven't seen her in 5+ months so to say I am excited is an understatement!! I also plan to cuddle my animals, have some drinks, get back on the fitness train, enjoy some non-school related reading, and catch up with my family. I just wish that Brandon and Maggie could come home with me and everything would be perfect. I told Brandon he has to take good care of our baby and send me lots of pictures of her & them. Haha it's true, I am an obsessive fur mama! I will miss my loves but I know it will be a fun week at home and a good way to get out of the city and unwind for a bit!

Have a fabulous, fit weekend everyone! :)  

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