Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Reading Week Photo Update

I spent last week at home on my farm with my family and all our animals. I cuddled with my animals, read, relaxed, watched curling, shopped with Steph, and welcomed my other sister Ashley home from Europe! After 5 months without her around, it was a very wonderful weekend spent sharing stories, having drinks, eating way too much, and playing games. Overall, I got back to the city and felt refreshed and ready to tackle the next 1.5 months of school. I have a lot on my plate over the next few weeks but it is exciting to know that spring is just around the corner! Instead of boring you with more rambling on, I will now post pictures. Prepare yourself for major cuteness overload... I took way too many pictures of my sweet animals.

 I couldn't stop taking pictures of their sweet faces. The lab rottweiler cross, is my cousins dog Scout that my parents were dog sitting while they are in Mexico. He is big, full of energy, and always ready to cuddle. Every time I looked, he was sleeping in some funny or cute way and I always had to snap a picture. Missy (border collie) and Jinx (kitty) are also extremely spoiled and they loveeeee cuddles. I definitely missed my Maggie though, so I'll be sure to never leave her behind again!

 Some shots from around my farm and when we took the dogs on walks everyday. The picture of the red angus cow at the top, is Roxy my sisters heifer back in her early 4-H years and she still loves people and getting attention :)

 Mom & Dad/ Beer stein my sister got my dad in Europe/ Rainbow chip cake/ Ashley opening presents/ Missy giving dad kisses/ Ash & Andy with her b-day cake/ Dad / My mexican bowl my parents bought me/ I won the game dumbass/ My new dress :) / Wine/ Settlers of Catan/ Mom, Dad & Ash/ Selfie/ Puzzle my dad and sister completed/ My outfit for a day of shopping :)

Overall, it was a wonderful week. It's hard to believe that I will be moving back home in 1.5 months... but it'll be a great way to save money too :)


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  1. I love all the little changes you make to your blog. I don't get on here very much, so there's always a cute little change to see. :)

    I watched Curling during Reading Week too! I got really into it, but it relaxed me at the same time!


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