Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fall Bucket List.

I mentioned before that I LOVE Fall and everything that comes along with it. Cooler temperatures, cute boots, scarves, hot drinks, changing colors, falling leaves, and harvest. I also vowed to myself to start living my life more fully and to experience every season as they come and go, so this fall I will do just that.

1. Go to a farmer's market, explore and find homegrown or handmade goodies.

2. Can and preserve food from the garden my boyfriend and I planted this spring/summer. Think homemade salsa, fresh jam and pickled beans.

3. Go for at least 2-3 walks outside per week to enjoy the cooler temperatures and fall colors.

4. Try a new activity or attend a new event. Living in Winnipeg, there is constantly something going on so I will just need to keep my eyes peeled until I find something :)

5. Try new fall recipes/drinks, to get more in the fall spirit. ex. apple cider, pumpkin loaf/muffins, coffee drinks in my new espresso maker!

6. Move my body more. I keep saying "I will do it tomorrow" or "It's okay to be lazy today" but in reality... I must seize the opportunity today and make time for my health.

7. Start thinking of Christmas gifts for my friends and family that I can make myself.

I think this is a reasonable list and by putting it on my blog, I hope it will make me more accountable. As I grow older, I find myself thinking more often about how quickly life is passing by and some days I find it hard to recall certain memories. I guess this means that I am surviving and not really living. Now is the time cherish my life and make time to create and remember those valuable memories!

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  1. Beautiful! Does that ever sound awesome. We get in such a habit of thinking "I don't have time for that...", when we really do. It's certainly a problem I have. So, yes. All this stuff sounds like a perfect way to enjoy life, rather than just "survive".


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