Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Change is in the air.

Fall is my favourite season. I love the colours, tastes, sights, smells, and overall feel of fall. I love watching the trees turn colour, feeling the crunch of leaves under my boots, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. However, every time fall comes around, the feeling of change is inevitable. I always feel like the world shifts a little bit when summer winds down and fall is right around the corner and I love a little bit of change in my life.

I am hoping that Fall this year brings with it a lot more positivity and courage for me. I hope to take advantage of my busy schedule this year and make time for myself. Make time to have bubble baths, work out, bake, call friends & family, write letters, make goals, do crafts, hang out with my friends more often, and spend valuable time with my boyfriend. I appreciate the fact that I can afford a post secondary education and although sometimes it stresses me out, I think I will make it through my 3rd year a lot easier if I take time to breathe and look around and appreciate everything I have in life.

I just moved back to Winnipeg after living in my hometown for the summer and it was incredibly hard to leave my family, home, and pets behind. I love being at home and spending time with my family.  It may sound cliche but I honestly have an amazing family... my mom is my best friend, my dad is my pillar of strength, my sister Ashley shows me how to be adventurous and take risks, and my sister Stephanie guides me with her knowledge and perspective. I found myself tearing up as I packed my car with all my belongings and hugged my family good-bye, but I am trying to be strong even though I miss them crazy amounts already. I am just blessed that I live only 2.5 hours away from my family and that I have the opportunity to go home fairly frequently.

I have so much in life to be thankful for in life and this fall I plan to take more time for:

- spending time with my wonderful boyfriend either just cuddling watching t.v on the couch or going out on dates and exploring the city

- make time to keep in touch with my family either by phone call, text, email, facebook, or skype

- create and maintain my valuable friendships and show my friends I appreciate them

- make "me" time : bubble baths, long walks in fall weather, manicure/pedicure, facial, workout, read my book, watch my favourite movie, craft, bake, cook, etc.

- eat foods that nourish my body. if it's not good for me, eat it in moderation!

- drinks lots of WATER! (8-10 cups per day)

- get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, it'll make you less crabby and feel more energized.

- take 10 minutes everyday to pause, look around you, and appreciate everything you have in life.

I need to make goals for myself in order to keep on track. I need to value myself and my health more and vow to make time to keep myself healthy and fit. I need to appreciate my friends and family more and take time out of my busy schedule to show them. I promise to not just sail through life halfheartedly but instead to look around and APPRECIATE my life.


  1. Gahhh, I love your blogs. :) I was actually planning on writing a blog about change, but this covered all of my bases pretty well. That's a good thing. I agree with everything on here...I think we must have pretty similar minds. Very well done, as usual!! :)

    1. You should still write a blog about your changes though. I would love to read it! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :) Once I feel a bit more confident, I might just put it out there for the whole world to see and appreciate!


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